world Metamorphosis or acceleration

Metamorphosis or acceleration


Always around the world order, Henry Kissinger is clear: from the current surreal atmosphere of Covid-19 a different world will emerge. As explained in the “Wall Street Journal”, when the pandemic ends, a settling of accounts will be inevitable due to the management failures accumulated by different governments: “Nations unite and prosper in the belief that their institutions can foresee calamity, stop its impact and restore stability. When the pandemic ends, institutions in many countries will be perceived as a failure. ”

From his pessimistic point of view (at 96 years of age it does not seem that he is going to begin to doubt his political realism), Kissinger warns that the virus has the ability to dissolve societies and cause profound social, economic and political disturbances with the consequent suffering to spread over more than one generation. And so that the effects of this epidemic are not totally devastating, “Big K” prescribes a titanic effort on three fronts: fighting infectious diseases, rebuilding the world economy, and safeguarding the international liberal order.

In contrast, Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, has argued that not every major crisis necessarily has to be a turning point in history. And faced with the dilemma of metamorphosis or acceleration, Haass considers the post-pandemic world to be too familiar. According to his reflections, what is foreseeable is a greater acceleration in already consolidated geopolitical trends.

According to Haass, the USA it will have less influence in the world. Although the “American model” has been losing appeal for quite some time, for the benefit of powers like China or populists like Trump with its “America First”. The pandemic also has the potential to reinforce the “democratic recession” evident over the past 15 years; and act as a bonanza for nationalism to the detriment of multilateralism, starting with the European project once again put to the test despite having been losing steam for some time. .


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