Mexican López Obrador leaves behind and ignores Joe Biden

The President of Mexico did not congratulate the Democrat, claiming that he wants to wait for legal confirmation of the election of the American Democrat. No one is fooled, believes this columnist: this is a new bout of megalomania for the Mexican leader.

Those who have been anxiously waiting for the Mexican president to congratulate Joe Biden forget one thing: we don’t have a normal president. That is, a person who analyzes events and assesses their impact on his country. No, our president only sees things in terms of their potential negative effect on his ambitions.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Amlo) is a pragmatic man. During Trump’s election campaign, he lashed out at him. But after his election, he formed a relationship with his counterpart in the United States.

The Mexican president capitulated on the migration issue and the offense of the border wall, but in return he was exempted from disparaging remarks against him or his project. And the Mexican leader considers it more important than the indignity to see Mexico take on the role of US policing at its borders. [au nord mais aussi au sud pour contenir les migrants venus d’Amérique centrale]

A despot just for me


Salvador Camarena

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