Mexico adds 177,061 deaths and more than 1 million vaccines applied

How is vaccination against COVID-19 going?

The national vaccination campaign, which began its second phase this Monday with the immunization of older adults, adds 1 million 058,139 doses applied in the country.

The medical personnel who are facing the pandemic, as well as the educational personnel in Campeche, were the first to begin to be vaccinated, they were given the Pfizer formula, while the older adults were supplied with the AstraZeneca formula.

622,658 medical staff have received just one dose, while 99,666 already have the two doses required by the Pfizer drug. Another 17,457 members of the education sector are also waiting for the second injection.

While at least 318,358 older adults in rural areas have already received the first AstraZeneca vaccine in the last three days in 30 states of the country, only Tamaulipas and Nuevo León have not been able to start their campaign due to the low temperatures that occur.

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