Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for this weekend


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Headaches weekend for issues that are beyond your control, remember that stress can trigger other health problems, so see your doctor.

Aries tend to have very low energy due to worries, that is why I recommend that on Sunday you put holy water on the nape of your neck after bathing to cut off all the negative that you can bring. Money comes to you that you did not expect and they pay you a debt from the past, so try to save for the future. A busy weekend and catching up on all your important papers.

Be careful not to talk about your plans too much, not all of them are your friends and less at work. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 8 and 23. A love of the sign of Capricorn, Aquarius or Leo He will look for you to talk about a formal commitment.


Magic Friday for your sign, remember that your lucky number is 24 and on this day you will have several surprises that will make you very happy. The energies will align to attract economic surprises and positive job changes.

Try to make your payments on time and not attract worries. You are going on a trip this Saturday and it is going to be very relaxing. Continue with your exercise routine and start the diet to lose those extra pounds. A love of the s is looking for youignore Aquarius and Scorpio that you are going to want to return, think about it very well before making any decision and do not rush to return just because you feel lonely, give time to time.

Sunday to be analyzing what you should do to progress as much as you can and manage your time more. You will know of a family wedding. Your lucky numbers are 4 and 6.


You put all your work or school pending in order, remember that you are very late for your tasks and sometimes you do not have time, so try to be more managed in your professional life and not leave the pending for later.

You get an invitation to go to dinner with your friends, just try to be careful not to drink too much alcohol or eat too much so that you do not get crude morals. Beware of fraud with your credit card, use it only for what is necessary to avoid surprises. You get a work commitment on Saturday.

In a matter of your partner you will have some discussions; If you feel that they no longer love each other, it is better to speak up and better give yourself some time before they do more damage. The Gemini sometimes sabotages their own happiness, so relax. Your lucky numbers are 3 and 14.


Friday to be with a lot of good news about your work, remember that your lucky streak is beginning and that is why you should take advantage of this current of positive energy. But try not to talk about it so that they do not envy you and your plans can be baited. As a couple, you will remain very much in love and that will make you think about starting a home.

For Cancerians who are single, a fleeting love will come, but very passionate. Take care of stomach aches, remember that it is one of your weak points and you should visit your doctor. A family borrows money from you to solve a debt problem. You take a weekend course in esotericism or something related to the mystical, remember that your sign dominates the occult sciences. You will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 14 and 30.


Never give up, remember that your sign is the lion of the jungle and that helps you have more inner strength to be able to achieve everything you set out to do. Remember never to mix your love relationship with the work environment, that can affect both areas.

You get the proposal to teach, take this opportunity to exploit that gift you have to help others and share your knowledge. You make several purchases to change your look and renew yourself. Keep in mind that not everything in life is work and that you need time to have fun with your friends and spend more time with your family, this will help you to be more at peace with everything around you. Your magical day will be Saturday with the numbers 19 and 24. Use more the strong red color, that will help you to have more abundance.


Conciliation is the most appropriate at this time in terms of work and personal life, remember that sometimes your sign is filled with negative thoughts and you do not know how to remedy the situation. So this weekend put your priorities in order and try to apologize to those who deserve it and reconcile to live in peace.

Remember that in the struggle of powers and egos no one wins, so learn to be more tolerant. A new love comes to you that will give you more emotions in your life. Your most compatible signs are Aries and Gemini. You receive extra money for part of a debt from the past. You fix your house this weekend to feel more comfortable in your home. Your magical day is going to be Friday with the numbers 20 and 29, play them in the lottery. Use more orange to have more abundance.


The time has come for you to mature, radically change everything around you and look for new horizons in the work and personal area; Get out of your comfort zone and face different challenges. The tendency of your sign is to remain static, that is why you must move to positive energies and you will see that better things will come to your life.

Take care of your health, especially in the intestine, try to eat a healthy diet and exercise. You process your passport or documents to travel. Learn to love yourself first before pretending to be with someone, remember that the relationship is two, so do not give so much from the beginning of the relationship. Your lucky day will be Sunday with the numbers 37 and 70, and try to use the colors blue and white to stimulate luck. Move your savings to another bank so they can grow.


You will have a lot of work this Friday and there will be movements in the positions of your company, so try to stay out of any complicated situation. You receive extra money for the sale of a property, remember that your sign is very spending and likes to look good, so try to control your expenses and start saving for your future.

This weekend you will catch up on personal matters such as your title or passport. A love from the past is looking for you to clarify how the relationship was, but it is better that they do not return. This Saturday you take a course.

Be careful with your friends, try not to talk to them about your personal matters because some like to mess with you. You think about having plastic surgery, try to do it and it will be the best for you. Your lucky numbers this Sunday will be 50 and 97.


An extraordinary change is coming in your work life, finally what you want as a position of greater hierarchy and responsibility comes, but remember that your sign is fire and that is why you are very intense in everything you do, which can cause illness, so relax and analyze all the good that comes your way.

Sometimes the greatest envy and selfishness is of the person you have on one side, that is why you must learn not to talk about your plans so that you do not fill up with bad energies. Take care of kidney problems, you should drink more fluids. Regarding love, you will be very stable with your partner, but do not neglect your relationship.

Your magical day will be Saturday with the numbers 06 and 50, use more the blue and white colors to stimulate your good luck. They look for you to invite you to a commercial marketing campaign.


You will handle two words these days, which are strength and gratitude. Sometimes you make crazy decisions that move your wellness center, so try to use your words these days and everything will turn out for the best. You catch up on tuition and debt payments. A love was very hurt with you, fix things in the best way so that you do not carry feelings of guilt.

You are territorial, you hardly ever leave your partners even though they no longer see each other. You make an unforeseen trip that will not turn out as you planned, but try to make the best of everything at the time. Your magical day will be Friday with the numbers 27 and 30, and use bright yellow and white to stimulate luck in your life. Be careful with skin infections. The love you live now is still aft.


You will go on a trip this weekend and you will take time for yourself, keep in mind that these are times to grow spiritually and being in contact with the sea and nature will help you balance your inner being. Avoid holding grudges and remember that life is unpredictable, there are good days and others not so much, so try to keep everything positive.

Your sign is very charismatic and that makes everyone look for you to live together, but try not to confuse friendship with love. In love you will be the best with your partner and they will remain very much in love. You are good at making money, but you must improve your management. Sunday will be a family togetherness and they invite you to a roast beef, but beware of stomach aches, avoid consuming so much alcohol and spicy food. Your lucky numbers are 01 and 17.


The universe conspires in your favor and luck smiles on you; do not stop, it is your time to reap triumphs, just try to remove inner fears so that you can show everyone what you are capable of. They offer you the signing of a new contract, analyze it well and ask for the earnings you deserve.

With your partner, love continues, but sometimes you feel stagnant, so try to give that relationship more emotions such as going on a trip and spending time together. Friday will be magical for your sign, you will get a lottery money with the numbers 08 and 77, and use more the colors blue and strong red to stimulate abundance.

Remember to always be alert and do not trust anything and nobody, you have the power to solve your problems. Avoid gossiping at work, keep your distance.

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