Michael Jackson’s ex-bodyguard denies pedophilia accusations

New twist in the Michael Jackson case. As accusations of pedophilia against the star resurface after the documentary’s release Leaving Neverland last January, a new testimony, this time in his favor, appeared.

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In Dan Reed’s film, Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 41, accuse the performer of Thriller of having abused them when they were children. Wade Robson had testified in favor of the singer in 1993 and in 2003. The same for James Safechuck in 1993. After the death of the singer, change of speech: the two men sue the heirs of Jackson. Two actions dismissed, the facts being prescribed.

Despite everything, Matt Fiddes, bodyguard of the star during the last ten years of his life, decided to openly defend his former employer and friend in the columns of Metro. “We knew the guy, we knew him so well, he spent time with my kids, he’s not the man described by James and Wade,” he said, adding that it was about time for him to speak.

“This whole pedophilia thing is utter nonsense. (…) He had fiancées and was married to Lisa Marie Presley. This is how he lived, ”says Fiddes, who explains that he and his colleagues were responsible for discreetly bringing women back to his room.

Very little present at the ranch

For Matt Fiddes, it is completely impossible that Michael Jackson committed the acts with which he is accused for the simple reason that he was almost never in Neverland. “We had a running gag that he was never there. He had to go to Los Angeles to run his business. Either about a four hour mountain drive, and he hated the road. He came to make public appearances, but he was much more at ease in a Beverly Wiltshire suite, ”said the bodyguard, also the owner of a chain of martial arts schools.

He was coming to make public appearances, but he was much more at home in a Beverly Wiltshire suite.

Matt Fiddes, on MJ’s presence at Neverland

According to him, the King of Pop could never have worked in good conditions by doing so. “He was always busy recording, performing and rehearsing. It was impossible for him to mess around with young children with all the security in place, ”he said. Fiddes also told of the discomfort experienced by Michael Jackson at the time of the first accusations, between 1993 and 2005: “He became very different, he did not know how the public would react. (…) He didn’t think he was safe on stage, he thought he was going to be shot ”.

A controversy that will earn the singer to be sidelined by his friends according to Fiddes, because no one telephoned him on his 50th birthday. “I didn’t bother to call him because he’s Michael Jackson. I thought he would have too many calls. He did not receive a single one for his birthday, ”he concluded.


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