Michael Jackson’s son Prince confesses his father scares them all with Thriller video

Prince is getting ready to host Thriller Night this year. For that, he multiplies the media blows and during his passage on The Mix, he approached the first time that he visualized the clip of Thriller with his father.
Michael Jackson no longer lives in the world of the living. However, he remains alive in the memory of all his relatives, especially his children. The first to use the past is Prince who recounts the effect their father had on them with the clip for Thriller.
May you remember that Michael Jackson surprised the whole world by directing a music video made in the image of a horror film. In the Thriller visual, the illustrious disappeared transforms into a werewolf on the full moon.
For this clip that became a must-have during Halloween, it was horror film director John Landis who directed the clip for the mini-film. It’s hard to talk about Halloween without referring to Thriller since that time.
As part of a visit to “The Mix” by Fox Soul, Prince Michael, eldest son of the famous and late artist, spoke about Halloween both about the party he is organizing and about the memory he has of his father on Thriller.

A traumatic experience

Michael Jackson was close to his children, and even very protective of his offspring. However, his attachment to his children led him to pose some blunders like scaring them with the clip for Thriller.
Prince qualifies this experience in these terms: “ It’s a very traumatic moment for me ”.
It describes the circumstances of the visualization later and immerses us in this unique moment that took place in Neverland. ” We were young, we were in Neverland and we watched it on the big screen at the theater we had there. The moment – not the full-fledged werecat – but between the transformation when he says to himself: “Go! »Teeth and eyes, it terrified me. Prince said.
The awkwardness continued at the end of the clip when the artist fostered real fear in the minds of the children. Indeed, Michael, seemingly unaware that children take everything they are told face to face, warned his children that his transformation was real. “You should be careful. You know you can’t be near me when the full moon rises because it’s real. », Warned the father.

Everything about Thriller Night

Following last year’s virtual tour due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Thriller Night returns this year and will take place on October 29, 2021 from 7 p.m. to midnight at the former home of the Jacksons Hayvenhurst in Los Angeles. ” It will be a fun night to come together and enjoy the charity, thus producing the work that we have done, but also producing the life and legacy of my father and all that he has contributed to the music industry. that in October with the great song ‘Thriller Prince said in a live Instagram video this week. last.
La Thriller Night
is a Halloween party in tribute to Michael Jackson. It has a charitable side to it and this year all Halloween party donations will go to Prince’s charity “Heal Los Angeles Foundation”. The goal of this foundation is to improve the quality of life of young people in downtown Los Angeles by giving them access to extracurricular educational initiatives that emphasize the value of an active and healthy lifestyle, and provide the tools necessary to gain an education.
For this evening, Chris Tucker will be present to entertain guests. Other artists and performers will also be there.
Note that two rooms of the property will be themed to furnish the evening.
“Neverland Room” will represent Michael Jackson’s love for infancy and childhood with real Neverland Ranch items that Prince collected from family lockers.
The second bedroom will be the “Legacy Room”. It was created by the Michael Jackson Estate with collectibles and personal items from Michael Jackson. This includes costumes from short films ‘THRILLER’ and ‘GHOSTS’, awards like the plaque for the sale of 100 million units of ‘Thriller’…
To return to the passage of Prince on The Mix, he exteriorized his emotion about the return of the evening. ” I am so excited to host our event this year; although we had a virtual event with Omarion in 2020 there is magic on the Hayvenhurst property and it is so great to be able to share it with everyone after being locked up for almost a year Prince said finally.

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