Michael Wendler: New company and luxury properties in Florida

Michael Wendler (49) seems to be doing well in his adopted home America. In the past few months it was actually quite quiet around the musician. However, it was recently said that he was in financial difficulties and therefore had to sell his XXL villa in Florida. However, the former DSDS juror doesn’t really seem to be lacking behind the big pond. Allegedly, the Wendler is said to have moved into an even larger villa and gained around 1,000 hectares of land.

According to information from image-Zeitung, the 49-year-old sold his previous home for the equivalent of around 767,000 euros and then moved into an apartment building in South Florida with his wife Laura Müller (21). The new home is therefore 30 square meters larger and costs the “don’t care” interpreters around 6,000 euros a month. But not only the building itself speaks for pure luxury, but also the surroundings. The house is on a closed complex called Babcock Ranch and is completely solar powered.

In addition to the new home, the Wendler should also be able to call himself the proud owner of around 1,000 hectares of land, according to the report. He bought two properties right on the Peace River – for an impressive 275,000 euros. He supposedly wants to build there. However, the singer apparently did not buy the land as a private person, but as a businessman – through a new company called Peace River 2021 Inc, which was founded on October 5th. Michael personally is registered as president of the company.

Michael Wendler, singer
Michael Wendler during the DSDS filming

Thomas Burg / ActionPress

Michael Wendler on “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen!”


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