Michael Wendler: Pumpernickel trouble because of Instagram post – people

Slowly you ask yourself: Is he doing this on purpose?

Again and again new anger about Michael Wendler (48)! The pop singer recently advertised pumpernickel bread on Instagram. Just stupid: the manufacturer didn’t know anything about it.

“We were completely surprised by the publications,” said the Mestemacher company concerned on request. There is “no business relationship” with Michael Wendler.

Photo: Michael Wendler / Instagram

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Photo: Michael Wendler / Instagram

Wendler had advertised the company’s canned pumpernickel in a story days ago – with the unsettling words:

“What if the stores are closed or empty? In the event of a crisis, the supermarkets will be empty within a few hours. ”According to Wendler, bread is a“ long-term food for crisis prevention ”.

The Mestemacher company now not only distanced itself from Wendler, but also explicitly from a publisher who sells bread online and linked it to Michael Wendler.

No question: Germany has had enough of Wendler! After the former Schlager guru spread crude conspiracy theories, a recent concentration camp comparison with the existing corona measures caused his final career break. RTL cut the singer completely out of the casting show DSDS, some radio stations refuse to continue playing his songs.


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