Michel Cymes explains how vaccines work

Vaccination involves giving a healthy person a microbe that has been rendered harmless. This infectious agent does not make us sick, but it causes a reaction from our immune system, which will make antibodies to eliminate this microbe. And if we cross the path of this same microbe, our immune system, which has memory, will be able to activate our natural defenses.

For the vaccine against Covid-19, there are messenger RNA vaccines. It is therefore not this principle which has been proven for centuries that is applied, techniques have evolved since the 19th century.

Today we have different kinds of vaccines : those whose virus is alive but attenuated, those whose virus is totally inactivated and those, much more recent resulting from genetic engineering. In this case, DNA or RNA molecules of the virus are injected. Always with the same objective: trigger a reaction of the immune system.

This is why we keep repeating that thewe vaccinate for ourselves but also to protect others, those who cannot be vaccinated, such as sick, immunocompromised people. This is the whole principle of vaccination: when the number of people immunized is large enough, the microbe stops circulating. Thus, not only the individual is protected, but also the community.

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