Michel Cymes gives 3 tips for protecting yourself from the sun

The sun is sure to caress our bodies this summer. Except that it may well be a question of caresses, it is still necessary to be wary. The sun is not friendly to our skin and if we do not overprotect it, we expose ourselves to inconveniences that arise years later, when it is too late to regret. I will give you only one statistical element: in 30 years, the number of skin cancers has tripled.

There is an explanation for this. For the National Cancer Institute and Public Health, it is our behavior change that is in question. We would have tended, at one time, to expose ourselves more often and longer to the sun and we pay for it today. Furthermore, we would also tend to have a little too much use of artificial ultraviolet rays.

And then there is something else, linked to the increase in all cancers. You must know that skin cancer is the most common secondary cancer. This means that if you have ever had cancer, regardless of which organ was affected, your risk of getting skin cancer rather than another cancer is increased.

We understood that the sun was among the main culprits. Hence the need to protect yourself from it. This is something that is accepted by almost everyone.

Dark, thick-knit clothing

Unfortunately, sometimes we do it wrong. I take an example. Covering your head, wearing glasses, putting on clothes that cover your arms and legs, everyone does it. But we forget that the finer the mesh, the lighter the color of the garment, the less effective the protection. So don’t hesitate to wear dark, cotton, thick-knit clothes, and keep your white outfits for the evening.

Another fairly widespread idea: when you are well tanned, you think you are protected. Big mistake. Admittedly, tanning acts as a barrier, but it does so superficially. So it is not because you have a very brassy skin that you should refrain from brushing yourself with cream.

Choosing the right sunscreen

The crème solar. What clue for what type of skin? If you are of the “crayfish” family as soon as you take the sun, the appropriate protection index, it’s 50. I also think that at the start of summer, this is the right clue for everyone. Afterwards, if you have skin that tans easily and never burns, a cream index 30 will do.

And here, in connection with cream, a detail which I have often been given to observe. The holidaymakers that we are only sacrifice to the ritual of cream when they put on their swimsuits. However, the sun is beating down even when we are dressed ! And it knows how to find your skin when you wear Bermuda shorts, a polo shirt or a dress.

We must therefore cream our legs, our face or our cleavage when we are in the sun, and not only when we are slumped on the sand or at the edge of a swimming pool, which you will not fail to do in the coming weeks.

Do not expose yourself anytime

For the rest, I remind the BA of good protection. Small 1, between 1 and 5 p.m., when the sun hits, stay in the shade. Small 2, beware of the wind because it gives you the impression that the sun’s scorching spares you; but this is not the case and when you notice it, it’s evening, in front of the bathroom mirror, in short, when it’s too late.

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