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Microsoft recently announced that it will force an update of compatible Windows 10 devices to Windows 10 version 21H2 in an effort to train its own machine learning (ML)-based Windows Update models. And last November, the company also accelerated the rollout of Windows 11, as it was pleased with all the “positive” feedback.

As this effort continues, the company confirmed a few days ago that Windows 11 is entering its final stages of availability, which basically means a wider rollout is just around the corner.

However, despite Microsoft’s full push, it’s not uncommon if you notice that one or more of your Windows devices don’t seem to be updating properly, because your PC may be one of those PCs that Microsoft has judged to be less compliant with the patch after the update has been collected. one of those who asked.

Microsoft says its database of connection time required for updates highlights how much internet connection time a computer needs in order for Windows Update to successfully deliver to it, generally recommending at least two hours before an update. Six hours of internet connection time after update.

Microsoft said:

What we’ve found is that devices that don’t reach a certain connection time are difficult to update successfully. Specifically, the data shows that the device needs at least two hours of online time before the update and six hours of operation after the update is released before it can be reliably updated. This time includes the process of downloading and installing in the background, and once the device is up and connected, it can be rebooted or restored.

The update connection information can be found under Device > Monitoring in Microsoft Intune, and select Feature Update Failed or Windows Accelerated Update Failed, as shown in the figure below.

Microsoft encourages such devices to stay plugged in and connected for Windows updates to run smoothly.

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