Microsoft joins forces with LG and its new OLEDs to promote Xbox Series X in Europe

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been between us for a little over a week, and both are winning over both fans and the trade press. Thanks to their new generation specifications, both are showing their muscle, especially with the batch of intergenerational games that have come alongside them, such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or NBA 2k21.

One of the main characteristics of the new generation is its intention to make it customary to launch games at 4K and 60 fps, some of them reaching 120 fps. This is excellent news for gamers, although it is true that in order to enjoy these features we will need a television that allows it. Putting this in context, the news we bring you today is very logical: Microsoft has partnered with LG to promote Xbox Series X in our continent.

The new LG OLEDs are perfect for Xbox Series X

This new information comes from Tom Warren, member of The Verge. Speaking of the new LG screens, the truth is that they are ideal for our Xbox Series X. Leaving aside the quality of the panels that they mount (which are sensational, let it be said) these new screens have HDMI 2.1 ports, which we remember are essential to be able to achieve 4K and 120 fps.

If you are interested in enjoying a game at 120 fps and you have a television with HDMI 2.0, we remind you that some televisions that can show games at that rate of frames, although lowering the resolution a 1080p.

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