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Marie Pâris – 18/11/2020

Microsoft unveiled its new Microsoft Pluto security processor on Tuesday. This chip-to-cloud security technology brings security advancement to future Windows PCs.

This chip was developed in collaboration with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. It acts as a trusted root hardware in processors, where it will be impossible to exploit or manipulate vulnerabilities.

“The Pluto design will create a much closer integration between hardware and the Windows operating system at the processor level, which will reduce the available attack surface,” summarizes David Weston, director of enterprise and system security. operating at Microsoft.

This design of the security chip will make it more difficult for attackers to hide under the operating system and improve Microsoft’s ability to guard against physical attacks, prevent the theft of credentials and encryption keys, and provide the ability to recover software bugs.

Credentials, user identities and personal data cannot be removed from Pluto, even if an attacker installs malware or takes complete possession of the PC.

This confidential data storage is done via encryption keys inside the Pluto processor, which is isolated from the rest of the system. Thus, even with emerging attack techniques, it is impossible to access key elements.

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