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Miguel Alemán Magnani cannot be extradited from France, assures his lawyer

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After the Interpol issued a red chip for the location and apprehension of Miguel Alemán Magnani, his lawyer Javier Mondragon said that the businessman is found in France, but that he cannot be extradited.

In the program Ciro Gómez Leyva on Radio Fórmula, Alemán Magnani’s lawyer assured that because he has French citizenship, the businessman cannot be extradited to Mexico.

“If a French judge determines that he committed a crime, he could be punished in France according to its laws. Assuming that the government of France locates Mr. Magnani, a judge must judge, ”he said.

He added that the extradition, but a sanction from France.

Regarding the red card issued by Interpol, Miguel Alemán Magnani’s lawyer said that the businessman’s situation does not change much, but that French lawyers will appear at the international police offices to inform that the businessman is in France.

“There is a debt, a crime was not committed. It is not a serious crime, unfortunately that crime is tried with the person in prison in Mexico. That process can be very long, “he added.

Interpol Red Token

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpolissued red chip to search and arrest the entrepreneur in more than 190 countries Miguel Aleman Magnani, for tax fraud for more than 66 million pesos.

Federal sources confirmed that the file was requested by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and that it had been issued two weeks ago.

The FGR seeks with this to complete the arrest warrant issued against Alemán Magnani for tax fraud of 66 million 285 thousand pesos, derived from a complaint filed by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in which Miguel Alemán Velasco, Alemán Magnani’s father was also reported, but he did not request an arrest warrant against him. .

The FGR points out the vice president of Interjet for not paying the Income Tax for the 2018 financial year.

THE UNIVERSAL He reported that German Magnani He left the country last January to seek investors in the United States and later traveled to France, where he has remained in recent weeks.

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Miguel Alemán Magnani, accused of tax fraud

Miguel Alemán Magnani, accused of tax fraud for 66 million 285 thousand 195 pesos, had left the country since January of this year. Following the arrest warrant, Javier Mondragón, a lawyer for the Alemán family, accused the Attorney General’s Office of not granting them a hearing or advising them that taxes were owed.

The businessman, founder of Grupo Alemán, left the country on January 31 and it is expected that Interpol will be asked to locate him.

“The FGR violated our guarantee of hearing because they never called us to find out what was there before requesting the arrest warrant (…) there is an arrest warrant, the accused is detained or not, he must know that order to be able to defend himself,” said the lawyer Javier Mondragón to THE UNIVERSAL.

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