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At dawn this Sunday, a group of Special Forces from the command of the Military Forces (Ccoes) launched an assault operation against the camp of Andrés Felipe Vanegas Londoño, alias Pedro o Uriel, third head of the Eln’s Western War Front, which operates in Chocó.

In the operation, carried out at 10:40 in the morning in the Barrancocito village of the municipality of Nóvita (Chocó), ‘Uriel’ would have died and the seizure of war material was achieved.

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Military sources confirmed to EL TIEMPO that It is being verified if ‘Uriel’ died as a result of an action by a sniper.

In intelligence of the Ccoes, the photos sent from the place are being verified, as well as a fingerprint, an activity that is being supported by Legal Medicine experts.

According to the Public Force, ‘Uriel’ has a criminal history of more than 25 years in the ELN, progressively climbing until he becomes a person close to alias Pablo Beltrán, a member of the Central Command of the ELN (Coce), responsible for the political arm of the organization .

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‘Uriel’ is the same guerrilla that A few weeks ago, through audios broadcast on social networks, he spoke about the participation of militiamen in the demonstrations on September 9 and 10 -after the murder of Javier Ordóñez- and incited to continue destroying CAI.

The leader is known for using social networks and speaking publicly about his membership in the guerrilla organization. The authorities even point out that he used these virtual means to recruit people to join the guerrillas.He is also accused of kidnappings, murders, harassment of the Public Force, among others.

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