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You have to go more than a year back, to September 2019, to find two consecutive Millionaires wins. Now, the victories against Envigado and Patriotas once again give the team options to qualify, although the outlook is still difficult. These were the conclusions that coach Alberto Gamero drew after the 1-0 to Patriotas.

The game. “Today I didn’t like the game as much as in other games, we played better and we didn’t win. The game was controlled, we had less possession, but we were more effective, we widened the field with Salazar and Rodríguez. It seems to me that there was serious work from a team that wanted to win, and we got the three points ”.

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What you want to improve: “The high pressure we did not do well. There was a generation of their game that, the truth, was not dangerous, but we want, in Bogotá, to apply better pressure. Vega and Garcia hadn’t played together, but they did a good job. Sometimes the rivals, when they have the ball, the idea is to disorganize the rival, but they did not succeed ”.

Goal options. “If we generate them it is because we look for them. We sin in the definition, I think the goalkeeper was a figure. We are working on the definition based on the game, we want to give them peace of mind, that the player makes the best decision in one of those play. Arnoldo Iguarán talks to them, he tells them, but one is bored because we had to have scored more goals ”.

The quarry.
“It’s one of those games that we wanted to win with a calmer score, but in general, not just the youth players: the overall team performance seemed good to me. The essence of football is to win and for this you have to score one more goal than the opponent. We defended ourselves well, a line of 4 that has been consolidated. Pity for Perlaza, who completes five yellows. Roman must be congratulated, because it is not easy to be captain of Millionaires. García, Vega, Rodríguez, Salazar, Abadía, Marques is a young player. There are important things that we have to keep working on ”.

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The moment of Cristian Arango. “That forward that we are playing blocks the two centrals, has more possibility and more space, because we are playing with two wingers. We ask him to help us play, but when the team is in the definition zone I don’t want him to elaborate, I want him to help in definition and score a goal. It’s good for him too, and hopefully Del Valle and Márquez will also do their little treat ”.


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