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“Bitter feeling” said Alberto Gamero, DT of Millonarios, at a press conference when the match between the reds and the blues ended, which ended 1-1. The ambassador team had the possibility of taking the three points, but an individual error in the last minutes of the match, left it with a draw (taste of defeat) and at the bottom of the general classification.

Gamero kicked the board and with an unusual scheme (4-2-3-1) came out to play the derby 301 in the capital, which was not good, but showed a slight superiority of the Albiazul team over the whole cardinal. With the novelty of Cristian Bonilla in goal, Felipe Román in defense, Steven Vega in midfield and Ricardo Márquez in attack, Millonarios went from possession to direct play and was thus reflected on the field of play.

In the first half, Millonarios had clear options to score, Arango stopped being the ‘9’ in point to throw himself a few meters back, and together with Pereira and Godoy they formed a trident in the core area that he fulfilled but did not dazzle. Márquez and ‘Chicho’ were able to overtake the ambassador in the first 45, but between the lack of definition and Leandro Castellanos they drowned out the goal cry for the Blues.

In the second half, Millonarios continued to demonstrate his superiority and with a direct collective move, he got the long-awaited goal (which is still controversial due to an alleged out of place by the Millonarios player). Ricardo Márquez pivoted a ball sent from the defense to enable Felipe Banguero, who, in a great physical display, launched himself at speed through the left lane, and assisted Juan Carlos Pereira, who attacked the rival area, and without major inconvenience pushed the ball to the back of the net.

The minutes passed and the Albiazul team managed to counteract the offensive attempts of Independiente Santa Fe, occupied the spaces well and revealed certain shortcomings of the cardinal team on a defensive level. However, an individual error at the end of the game took away the three points from Gamero’s. Cristian Bonilla came out at the wrong time in his area after a free kick from the right side, and left his goal paying for Jorge Luis Ramos, without pain or glory, to decree the final draw at El Campín Stadium.

Millonarios showed an improvement in the level of play compared to the previous game, but again, individual errors left him without victory. Although Gamero changed the scheme and approach within the field of play, the blue team still does not demonstrate the hierarchy that an institution with so much history in Colombian football must have, and continues to lose important points in this 2020 League. ambassador will be against Atlético Bucaramanga in El Campín. The chances to qualify for the playoffs are exhausted.


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