Mineev – Ismailov 2, revenge, Hasan Yusefi – Vagab Vagabov. Watch online, text broadcast, all live results

Hello to all fans of rematch and knockouts! In the Sochi Wow Arena at the AMC Fight Nights 105 tournament, a superfight will take place between Vladimir Mineev and Magomed Ismailov. The fighters fought three years ago – then the judges recorded a draw. Now athletes, whose confrontation has grown into a personal conflict, will fight for the middleweight promotion belt. The tournament will start at 21:30, the main battle – not earlier than 23:00 (Moscow time).

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Full tournament card:

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  • Magomed Akhmedilov – Ahmed Ahmedov (2nd round, TKO);
  • Isa Isaev – Exiled Gagloev (3rd round, TKO);
  • Ruslan Satiev – David Kalenjian (1st round, TKO);
  • Anzor Chakaev – Vohidchon Surobov (unanimous decision);
  • Magomed Sulumov – Shamil Michilov (2nd round, knockout);
  • Shara Bullet – Mikhail Allakhverdyan (1st round, knockout);
  • Alexey Makhno – Victor Azatyan (unanimous decision);
  • David Barkhudaryan – Arthur Alibulatov (2nd round, TKO);
  • Muhammad Eminov – Roman Silagadze (1st round, choke);
  • Hassan Yousefi – Вагаб Вагабов (3rd round, knockout);
  • Vladimir Mineev – Magomed Ismailov.

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0:15. Vladimir cannot get out of a losing position. Ismailov successfully gets out of the mount!

0:15. Ismailov strikes at Mineev! In the half-guard Magomed.

0:14. Takedown! Athletes on the canvas. Ismailov is upstairs, Mineev is trying to get out.

0:13. Mineev did a good shot a couple of times with the right, and then threw out a high-kick!

0:12. No blows, but how dangerous!

0:11. The first blow was from Ismailov. He presses Mineev. There is a fight in the rack!

0:11. Round one!

0:07. Khabib is also here – tomorrow his promotion tournament will take place.

0:06. This is a real champion roar!

0:04. And here is Mineev! It goes under the folk singer Blackberry Spirkina. Magomed burst into the cage without music.

0:04. The audience loves the Magu – the soldier bathed in applause.

0:03. Magomed Ismailov is entering the cage! The superfight is about to begin!

0:00. By the way, for a seed. In case of victory, Vladimir Mineev could well have risen by weight higher: his friend and ex-champion Armen Petrosyan left the organization.

23:59. And Vagab Vagabov, by the way, also set his sights on the second belt – in heavy weight. It is currently vacant.

23:57. Vladimir Mineev showed 84.4 at the weigh-in – 500 grams more than Ismailov. In order not to pay the fine, Vladimir had to resort to extreme measures and completely undress. And at Fight Nights there was no screen – Oops!

23:53. Magomed Ismailov will use encrypted messages in a duel with Mineev. As reported by Match TV, Volna, Snake and Cobra are the names of coded combinations of punches that coach Ramazan Ismailov will suggest from the corner to his brother. Each word means some kind of technical action. It is noted that during the fight with Ivan Shtyrkov, the coach advised Flash, Cornflower, Butterfly and Pakmen from the corner.

23:50. Just take a look at the results of the tournament – only two fights came to a decision!

23:48. And we are waiting for the main battle of the evening! While you can read text about the relationship between Ismailov and Mineev – completely imbued with the conflict before the fight!

23:45. Vagab Vagabov dedicated the victory to his mother, who recently turned 60 years old. Yousefi steadfastly accepted the tough defeat and thanked the opponent.

23:42. Put a belt on a fighter – champions change quickly in light heavyweight!

23:41. No wonder everyone was betting on Wagaba – the fighter won the 29th career victory!

23:39. KNOCKOUT! Vagab Vagabov fought off Yusefi’s starting onslaught and stabbed the Iranian from the right into the temple!

23:38. Round three!

23:37. The second round is over. Very close again, but Vagabov did a little more.

23:36. Yousefi tried to throw out a high-kick – a weak attempt.

23:35. The champion slipped out – the fight went a little more vigorously. Double blows, the guys began to open up.

23:35. Wagab did a little work on the corps of the Iranian. And Yusefi got into the fight and almost got into the guillotine!

23:34. The second time already Vagabov hit the groin of the opponent. Hasan is fine, but the referee threatened yellow if there was a third hit.

23:34. Well Vagabov hit the jaw, but Yusefi ate the blow!

23:33. He rocks the opponent’s Vagabov, while Yusefi is still getting off with low-kicks. Super careful combat.

23:32. Round two!

23:31. End of the first round. And there is absolutely no idea who took it. The fighters have dealt too few blows.

23:30. The first serious mistake got away with Vagabov, but the second may not work. While the fighters are hitting a lot in the air. Very nervous.

23:29. It was dangerous! Vagabov cut the air with his hand and lost his balance, falling on his back. Yousefi sensed a knockout and pounced with punches, but Wagab fought off the pressure of the Iranian.

23:27. A very dangerous tension in the space between the fighters – apparently, that is why both do not dare to invade it. Several attacks of Vagabov fell on the body, Yusefi responds with low-kicks.

23:27. The fighters are cautious at the start, after a couple of low kicks from Wagab they keep their distance and aim, but do not dare to strike.

23:26. Round one!

23:23. Legendary ring announcer Alexander Zagorskiy announces the names of the judges and fighters – the fight is about to begin.

23:21. Hasan Yousefi won the belt by unexpectedly defeating Armen Petrosyan. Now the Iranian has to face a formidable fighter from Makhachkala, and Petrosyan went to seek his fortune at Dana White’s Contender Series.

23:19. Vagab Vagabov enters the cage – the 35-year-old fighter is a serious favorite in the fight, despite his status as a challenger.

23:15. The main card has already started – Muhammad Eminov quickly strangled Roman Silagadze and defended the featherweight belt! And we are waiting for Hassan Yousefi and Vagab Vagabov – a light heavyweight from Iran will try to defend the title from a dangerous Russian.

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