Mini unveils the Urbanaut Vision concept

What is playing Mini ? The English manufacturer recently unveiled its major program for the future, finally giving meaning to the future of the brand, which will be based on a new range of electrics and a simplification of the catalog: this will normally be the end for the Cabrios and Clubman, since Mini intends to focus on the Hatch, the Countryman and a second crossover, electrically powered.

The announcement of the arrival of a concept by Mini was therefore for us the first illustration of this crossover, still unknown. A little early, yes, but it seemed to stick with the announcements. But, ultimately, Mini draws the Urbanaut Vision, which does not seem to fit into any box. A style exercise supposed to bring ideas about the future of Mini’s design, especially at the front, with two “icons” that are the grille and the lights.

For the rest, it’s total inspiration, in a very fluid and refined style. Mini talks about a car that maximizes space on board with a minimal footprint … you certainly see where the brand is coming from: minivan! Even if Mini does not mention this term anywhere, carefully avoiding talking about a category of vehicle that has not been on the rise for a long time in Europe.

Mini unveils the Urbanaut Vision concept

The Vision Urbanaut concept is based on three pillars: “Vibe”, “Wanderlust” and “Chill”. The latter is particularly well represented inside with a space suitable for conversion in a cozy “lounge” style. Recycled textiles dominate in this cabin, while Mini ensures that it emphasizes more ecological and ethical materials, thus abandoning leather and chrome. A kind of electronic token allows you to connect to the car’s system and choose its atmosphere, which can be personalized, particularly in terms of the organization of the space, the air freshener, the lighting and the music.

On the technological side, this concept adopts matrix lighting that can change color and pattern, making it possible in particular to “communicate” between vehicles. Something that we are also starting to see in other manufacturers working intensely on lighting, such as Audi.

This concept is ultimately akin to a sort of van capable of venturing into a mini camping machine, especially with the large bay window at the front that opens like a courtyard.

What “technical sheet” ‘for this concept? The press release does not say so, but it is obviously an electric vehicle. Will it be followed by a production model? We can imagine not.

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