Ministry of Health warned of the risk of a fourth peak of COVID-19 infections

The official stressed that the decrease in cases, deaths and positivity are “a hopeful situation”, but that it is still far from what is wanted in terms of the health emergency.

He also reiterated that the presence of Delta, which has a transmission superior to previous lineages, represents a challenge for the country in the sense of self-care.

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There are better conditions, but still There is still 55% of Colombians who have not yet been vaccinated and many of them have not presented the disease”Moscoso said, making it clear that there is still a wide range of susceptible people who can be infected with Delta.

And then he warned:

“We have a risk of the fourth peak, it is in force, we already began to see how yesterday in Valle, of around 50 genomic tests, three tests were positive, but that reflects more than 5% of the total, which means that the Delta begins to have participation in the lineages component ”.

For her part, María Belén Jaimes, director (e) of Epidemiology and Demography, took stock of the epidemiological behavior of covid-19 in Colombia.

In this regard, he explained that the country maintains a clear and sustained trend of mortality reduction, as well as reduction due to COVID-19 infections in all age groups, but stressed that this does not allow biosecurity measures to be relaxed.

Likewise, the official explained that there is a decrease in the occupancy of ICU beds, the disease in the country and this will allow the progressive opening for their use in other health events.

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On the other hand, regarding vaccination, Moscoso reiterated that continue in the search for the most vulnerable, such as those over 50 and with comorbidities, but also increase coverage in other population groups, to reduce the risk of contagion.

“We need an additional mass of vaccinated people to help us have greater herd immunity to help us slow down transmission.”

On this, the Ministry of Health reported that for those who applied the first dose with Moderna, they may apply the second only until after 12 weeks, and not 4 as initially stated.

“The decision is made following the evidence suggesting that increasing the population with at least one dose has a positive effect in reducing severe disease, at the same time that it can increase protection “, said the entity.


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