Mink: Ireland plans emergency slaughter, resignation in Denmark

Animal Welfare Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) announced an initiative within the EU for a Europe-wide end to the fur farming industry. Denmark has to partially reorganize the government after the resignation of the minister responsible for mink.

The Austrian animal protection minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) calls for a Europe-wide end to the fur farming industry. In the Netherlands, more than 10,000 mink have been killed by those breeding farms in which corona cases had occurred. In Denmark up to 17 million mink are said to be killed, stressed the Ministry of Social Affairs on Thursday in a broadcast.

“It is high time to end the fur industry in Europe as a whole. For animal welfare reasons, but also from the point of view of health protection, “explained Anschober. Our knowledge of zoonoses, ie diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, has long been sufficient. Anschober is now planning to expand scientific studies on zoonoses and an initiative within the EU for a Europe-wide end to the fur industry.

Danish parliament largely rejects mass culling

Because of the mass mink killing in Denmark, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has rebuilt her social democratic government for the first time. After the resignation of the minister responsible for the mink, Mogens Jensen, the previous development minister Rasmus Prehn is now minister for food, agriculture and fisheries.

Jensen justified his resignation with the fact that he lacked the necessary support of a majority in the Danish parliament because of the procedure in the initiated mass culling of the mink. In his ministerial post the areas of food, fisheries, gender equality and Nordic cooperation have been united. In future, the Ministry of Labor under Labor Minister Peter Hummelgaard will take care of gender equality issues.

The previous member of parliament, Flemming Mørten Mortensen, will be the new Minister for Development and Nordic Cooperation, and the Environment and Food Ministry will only be called the Environment Ministry. Frederiksen’s law firm announced on Thursday.

Emergency slaughter of all mink in Ireland

Ireland also wants to have all the mink clubbed. It is feared that the animals carry the same mutation, said a government spokesman on Thursday. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, no mink has so far tested positive for the corona virus.

However, mink breeding is “an ongoing risk,” as it could cause further coronavirus mutations, a spokesman said. There are three mink farms in Ireland with around 120,000 animals. If the project is implemented, “three safe, regulatory and respected farms without any scientific basis would have to close,” criticized Mette Lykke Nielsen, managing director of the association “Fur Europe“.

At the beginning of November, Denmark – the world’s largest producer of mink fur – ordered the culling of up to 17 million mink in the country after a mutated form of Sars-CoV-2 that could be transmitted to humans was discovered on some breeding farms in northern Jutland. According to the Danish Ministry of Health, the mutated version of the coronavirus has now probably been eradicated.


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