Mirja du Mont robbed on the train after TV show – people

The journey from happiness to despair lasted three hours.

TV star Mirja du Mont (45) happily boarded the ICE 602 to Hamburg on Saturday at 10.16 a.m. in Leipzig. The night before she was a guest on the MDR talk show “Riverboat”.

She relaxed and took a seat in carriage 11 in 1st class. “I put my suitcase in the trunk diagonally behind me.”

But shortly before Hamburg the shock: “I wanted to go to the toilet and found that my hard case is gone!”

Gangsters had probably grabbed him during a stopover in Berlin. For the ex of the movie star Sky du Mont (73, “Manitou’s Shoe”) an estimated damage of up to 3000 euros. Her make-up items from premium brands such as “MAC” and “Estée Lauder” alone had cost several hundred euros. Also gone: a splint against nocturnal teeth grinding (value: 600 euros), ankle boots from Monaco (300 euros), straighteners for the hair (200 euros) and clothes.

In the suitcase was Mirja’s beloved good luck charm from kindergarten times – a “Wum” figure. “He was gone 40 years, then I found him again. I cried with happiness. That is the worst loss. “

Photo: TVNOW

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On Monday, Mirja du Mont will be at the VOX cancer show “Showtime of my Life – Stars against Cancer” (8:15 pm, VOX)Photo: TVNOW

The moderator immediately alerted the crew. But that reacted little sympathetically. “They put me there as if I had mixed up the car.”

She won’t get a replacement from the railway. A spokeswoman for BILD: “Deutsche Bahn assumes no liability in this case.”

Du Mont now hopes that her home insurance will help. “But my love for the railway has suffered.”


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