Mix, heir, Mum Jokmok, opens his heart to being a child that is not easy to joke Both pressured and compared

M Busarakham asks for his younger brother, Mix Petai, two heirs of Thailand’s leading comedy superstars. Today I will reveal the life of a funny child that is not as funny as everyone thinks. being compared hoping to take advantage of the father’s name through the talk show

Is it true that during the past covids, the whole family hasn’t seen each other at all?
M: Yes, I don’t dare to meet in person. Means we are afraid that the infection will infect him or not. Have you come to this shore? We are afraid that we will come together. We are worried about each other so we don’t dare to meet.

How many kilometers apart are the houses?
M: Oh my…different province. He lives in Nonthaburi M is in Samut Prakan. Bang Yai and Phra Pradaeng

Do you see each other often?
M: If often, every Saturday and Sunday, the youngest grandson has just started talking. His father will be next to his grandchildren.

During the time of covid, family meets What are you doing?
M: Most of the time, we meet at home.
Mix: Let’s have lunch together. Sometimes they do water activities with their grandchildren.

How often did we meet before COVID?
M: Twice a month due to the fact that his father’s queue is very tight. When he meets him, he has to huddle and insert work. After eating, father hurries away. There is work.

When during the covids, I have some free time to meet. Are you afraid of yourself?
M: yes

Before we fell in love like this, we hit each other very often?
M: Since we are very far apart, almost 9 years.
Mix: I’m a kid and don’t know much about it. I like to prank you and want to talk to you.
M : numb kid

Mix: At school during lunch break, I have to meet my sister already. I’ll go say hi going to borrow money walk away, I do not lend I had to borrow M’s friend to buy snacks because I wasn’t full yet. I got money to go to school But it’s gone since morning stop by to buy toys At noon, he went to see his sister. When I can’t find it, I find my sister’s friend.
M: My friend gave it to me. then come clear with us is that we don’t know sister borrowed money We asked what and what, but in the end we had to pay the younger brother.

How much was it once in the past?
M : 50-100 baht per time

How much money does your father give to school?
M : 150 baht per day
Mix: 200
M: Other than borrowing M is not enough. In front of the school, they sell snacks. Go to every store And M didn’t know about it. M is going to buy snacks. He told his brother to come and buy it. pay for my sister

Then why did the staff say that M was jealous of Mix as a child?
M: Since we are only children for a long time We received everything 100% until one day, my parents told me that there would be a younger brother. At that moment, we are happy. But the elders in the old days liked to talk. My sister will be a rotten dog. No one cares, no one loves, it becomes a childish knot. Because the children did not understand what the rotten dog was.

As soon as he came out, everyone poured their weight on him. In the old days, he felt that the child was unable to help himself, so he had to focus on that person. causing M to feel that no one cares about M at all. So I feel envious. want to get anything because he came when his parents had already

There will also be a phrase that says that being an older brother has to sacrifice for a younger brother?
M: It felt unfair for M at the time. Ask if we can sacrifice sometimes But as soon as we grow up, the younger siblings begin to know about it. We will always tell you that P’M has sacrificed a lot in the past. It’s time for my gratitude. This meatball is the last one left. I like it. I will eat it. I have to give it to Em. Sister gives it.

Did Mix ever know that we were like that when we were kids?
Mix: Well, when I was a kid, M bought something, he knew the value. But I, with my age, bought it without knowing the value. don’t know the price And the type that I bought is very expensive, 1-2 days it’s already broken. If in my corner, I would warn you more. Keep telling me that his brother doesn’t have a chance like me. He doesn’t get everything like me.

Did you know that as a child he was secretly jealous of us?
Mix: No, I just feel like he’s teaching more.
M: But M secretly inserted a little jealousy, but actually taught him that. I was worried about him. I wanted to teach my younger sister that she deserves something valuable. and appropriate for his age

Do we tell our parents like this, or do we teach our younger siblings like this?
M : I used to say what M tried to tell. Some admitted that they were jealous. But M has to tell you that sometimes it’s not that you get anything and you will be like M. You have to have your brother do something. to get Mom and dad said that he didn’t look at this angle at all. But when M speaks, he understands.

Did it change after that?
M : Change for a moment and then go back to the way it was. Son, he wants it so much.

Did you see that M Chong gave the younger brother some scolding?
M: When I was young, I was very stubborn. a very dizzy person We saw him inject And he’s a very formless person who can’t do anything at all. Then he gives injections, and he’s holding back pain and crying. We saw that the younger brother was about to lose his shape, so we laughed. Here comes the angry fist girl. put it in our stomach
Mix: Back then, it wasn’t that good.
M: We didn’t even go into the woods, act with the younger brother, but we like to sue the father. But my father couldn’t handle anything. sister is sister His child is stubborn.

Has the mix ever been hit since childhood?
Mix: I got hit, both my parents hit me. There are many things. not study hard a short attention span Went to tutoring and still didn’t learn anything. I was beaten until my parents asked me to write all the handwriting on my face. I started to know.

When brothers and sisters fight, will they give handwriting?
M: Most of the time when we fight, he doesn’t punish me. we clear ourselves It’s a trifle for the brothers and sisters.
Mix: If it’s about siblings, parents won’t bother at all, let’s clear things up.

And when M goes to study abroad, I want to go by myself. Or can’t stand it?
M: I want to go to school by myself. not because of sister I’ve wanted to go since Grade 6, I’ve been trying to ask my father all the time, and he won’t let me go in Grade 3, until Grade 6, my father can’t deny it. because we’ve all been able to find all the information Only the signature and payment are left.

And that was the turning point that made the status of the brothers stronger than before. is that people are rivals When we fight every day And it’s like one day we’re missing something. it makes us feel and see the value Today is no longer by our side. No one argues with us over mental retardation.

How did you feel when M went?
Mix: I feel like talking with cause and effect. not all of a sudden Let’s fuss at each other to find an argument. It’s like there’s more brotherhood. and then try to find a matter of talking about one pork step that doesn’t come to fight as usual.

This couple is close talk about everything Including sex?
Mix : Recommended because at that time I went to live with M in Canada.

M: Since he has grown up We don’t want him to go the wrong way. I don’t want him to kill his own future. So I recommend you to protect yourself. Because of this, we can’t forbid it. And the person closest to you is me. Therefore, we are like parents. I told my sister what to do. we protect ourselves Regardless of the disease or premature pregnancy Come to think of it, what would it be like if I made a woman pregnant with me? I can’t go on. It’s not just parents who are sad. But it’s also killing your future.

His sister taught us this, are we embarrassed?
Mix: No, their culture is not like ours. Say something straight So I felt that M.O.K. open up

Other than sex, what else do brothers and sisters consult?
M : General matters, about life. The thing that I’m most worried about is spending more money. Because with the fact that M himself is a person who uses money well Have you ever made a mistake in using your money? yes, too much money I admit that I’m a very arrogant person. Because your father is a star easy money We have been influenced in this part that We spend the money and go out and come in again. So it makes us overspend. Until I have a lot of credit card debt 4-5 hundred thousand until I have to ask my father to clear it for me. And the father did not scold a word. We almost bowed down to our father.

How do you feel when your father doesn’t scold us? Scarier than before?
M: Yes, that’s why M said that it’s almost as if you’re scolding M because it makes us feel what he’s thinking. why does he say why doesn’t he teach Like all the time, he has always taught us not to spend money like this. reserve yourself One day, not feeling well, we still have money to maintain.

When I see Mix is ​​like us. How do we tell my sister?
M : Let us be an example. In this era, we can’t have a single career. We have to have many careers, many things to do, sometimes the things we like might not make us money. What makes us money may not be what we like. Therefore, it would be better to do it together. And if not, use it sparingly. I don’t want to use too much. M has been M knows it’s hard.

Mixing about finance, who teaches better, between father or P’M?
Mix: I don’t think anyone teaches good or bad. I suggest Always remind me of my sister But the father did not always warn him, he wanted to try and be wrong, try to be right, try to take responsibility for yourself, try to fall.

As of today, at the end of October like this, how much is the credit card balance?
Mix: I don’t have a credit card. I only borrow

The younger brother from Mix is ​​a cousin and Mix is ​​also a very famous rapper named VKL. This name was created by M?
M : Name your child’s album. Well, let’s go to Mexico together. Then M named the album VKL IN Mexico and she asked what is VKL, which is Wong Khamlao?

When did Mix start liking rap?
Mix: When P M came back to Thailand for a while and then go back to Canada. And when there is a hit song, P M brings it to listen to. But it’s mostly R&B, but it has rappers in it.

Was it difficult to be born under the umbrella of a young mother?
M: It’s hard to live life. no matter where you walk It’s like we’ve always had a light coming on. everyone knows us What are we going to do? Everyone will keep staring. Is it right or wrong? Why is Cousin Mam doing this? Well, it’s like having a father’s standard. To put it simply, there’s already a shadow and footprints of his father. We can’t step on it like Father’s footprints.

But as he grew up, M changed his perspective. People will see that we have to be like our father. be funny like dad But in nature, no one is as good at it. Coming out of father’s womb, mother’s womb doesn’t mean M must be funny, M may be good in other ways. M wants to look at the abilities of each person. like M Choi said M wants to be an MC sister likes to sing which, as before, was insulted a lot

Especially when M came to make the first movie. There will be a lot of pressure whether it’s 100 million times the father or not. Can I do it like my father? Go to school, you must be better than your father, something like this. which is very stressful Every time M goes out of the pile M always cries, doesn’t enjoy it, feels like it’s a lot of pressure. It’s like we’re not ourselves. like we have to be M It’s not M. Topaz, just now it’s good because everyone can know M. Topaz.

If I’m not mistaken, this story grabbed over 200 million?
M: Yes, but I secretly feel that it’s partly because of my father’s credit or not. Because as soon as it’s M, people come to see it. This is what M thinks. may not be able to show their abilities to the fullest

If I’m not mistaken, this story grabbed over 200 million?
M: Yes, but I secretly feel that it’s partly because of my father’s credit or not. Because as soon as it’s M, people come to see it. This is what M thinks. may not be able to show their abilities to the fullest

Does Mix feel that way?
Mix: To be honest, I don’t care how other people see me. But in the past I thought like trying to put pressure on and put a story that is not us And we try to make people accept it. But now that I don’t care

How do we get out of this frame right here?
Mix: During the first Kovic lockdown, I thought too much. I went and read the drama’s comments until I went to the hospital. no time to eat plus music So I thought that the day I went to the hospital, my sister called to ask, my father, my mother, and my girlfriend came to see me. So I felt why I had to care about someone like that. And my question is, do you feel pressured? It’s more of a question to him. Do you feel pressured to only comment, if you come and see me, you can check my work on YouTube.

In conclusion, is it good to be a cousin?
M: Everything is good, there may be some when children get teased, but when we grow up, everything is good. proud to be a father Because people love their father a lot, it makes the love power that people send to their father. It was forwarded to M to the younger brother, no matter what he picked up, admitted that there were people who supported him. because he loved his father as the original capital Many will envy that the two of us didn’t start from scratch. Really good, you have to start from scratch, which actually M sees this as an advantage for Jung M. Then M must see the advantages of M. In order to take the cost of a good life to make a profit for MD’s life.

If there is a lover, there must be someone to benefit. Do you meet a lot?
M: A lot, come in all forms, whether it’s a friend who wants to be a girlfriend. I want to come and do business. Everyone has something on their mind.

How come the heaviest came?
M: What do you want from our father? I want my father to take him to the movies. or wanting to come in and take pictures with your father But most of them came to us because they wanted to rush to their father. But M said it straight that M is a person who catches up with people M is more worried about her sister.
Mix: Well, sometimes there are people who come in through the father, through the mother and come to do good to us. But we can see and see. but didn’t tell my father Just look at the face

Has anyone ever walked in and asked for money?
M: Yes, there was a time when people didn’t know me at all. Come in front of the house at midnight Let’s borrow ten thousand. Then father went to open the door for him.
Mix: I recently met. Driving to the house, I found it. I came to see Mom. I want to come to work with my father.
M: It’s very scary, sometimes we can’t find our address. It turns out that there is no privacy. Come to see it at all.

Is there anything you want to tell me?
Mix: I’m happy with everything. Em has a family But what I’m most worried about is taking pictures in a swimsuit and going down. It’s beautiful. I don’t want to go down I don’t want to see other people tell me how beautiful it is. Well, he’s a mother now.

And if your girlfriend can take a picture of her bathing suit?
Mix: It’s not the same. But here take me first

Do you have something to tell your sister?
M: I’m just worried about him. want him to shore can be a lid and then wish him success in his work

This mix who has been dating for 3 years, married or not?
Mix: Get married, but different people do. I wrote a song for him. But I want to decorate it but not ready It’s very light now.


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