MLB: Miguel Cabrera hit his historic 2900 hit in the majors (Video)

The Venezuelan slugger Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers Detroit plugged his hit 2900 on the MLB, making history in the majors.

Thursday’s session measured the Tigers Detroit and Seattle Mariners, where the Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera continued to make history in the majors.

At the bottom of the first entrance Cabrera He hit a double to reach 2,900 hits in the majors and it was a hit that went off the third base line and into left field.

With that double he also reached a historic 1,083 extra-base hits, matching Dave Winfield for 22nd in MLB history.

Definitely every step he takes Miguel On his way to the Hall of Fame, he is equaling or surpassing records of great ball figures in the majors, so Venezuela should be proud of that series of marks implemented by the Venezuelan tiger.

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