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MLC Medical Laser Center celebrates 11 years with great innovations

At MLC (Medical Laser Center) we are specialists in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and nutrition. Through a medical and personalized treatment we offer services with the highest levels of quality for health and aesthetics.

We have the latest technologies and techniques in the area of ​​dermatological medicine covering skin diseases in both children and adults. In the field of cosmetic dermatology we have state-of-the-art treatments, highlighting facial rejuvenation treatments, reduction of localized fat and body weight.

We are the best alternative for people who want to show off healthy skin. We have a group of professionals committed to the prevention of different mycoses and dermatological conditions typical of our tropical climate.

The large number of patients satisfied with the results motivates us every day to maintain and increase our commitment to offer medical services adhering to ethics and solutions for every need, taking into account the current lifestyle, with services and plans designed to comply with the standards of the new times.


MLC Medical Laser Center was born on December 1, 2010 with the aim of offering safe dermatological and aesthetic treatments, with endorsed and certified doctors; There we cover different disciplines of Dermatology including treatments for diseases of the skin, hair and nails, anti-aging medicine, laser, ortho-molecular and regenerative medicine.

It was founded by Dr. Michelle Herrera who after studying the subspecialty of Laser and photodynamic therapy in Argentina and Israel saw the need to have these treatments in the Dominican Republic at that time laser therapies only focused on laser hair removal.

In 2012 we pioneered the introduction of lasers to treat various skin and nail conditions including the first laser to treat onychomycosis (nail fungus).

Currently the center has 4 branches distributed in the metropolitan area where congenital diseases and vascular malformations, scars and all areas related to dermatology are worked. It also has the most complete laser platform in the Caribbean and Central America region.

In 2019 we were the first center in America to acquire the new picolaser and Titanium technology.

The center has the approval of the General Directorate of Habilitation and Accreditation (DGHA) and the Ministry of Public Health. He belongs to the Ibero-Latin American College of Dermatology, American Association of Dermatological Clinics and Medical Spas.

Dr. Herrera Abreu is a specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology and Anti-aging and Laser Medicine.

Graduated from the John F. Kennedy University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Accredited by UIME (Unión Internationale de Médecine Esthétique) and AAMISO (Aesthetic & Antiaging Medicine International Society).

He has 17 years of professional experience in the area of ​​photonic and laser medicine. Conducting multiple trainings in Israel, Panama and the United States.

He holds a master’s degree in anti-aging and longevity medicine from the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

He completed his postgraduate degree in Dermatology at the Dr. Huberto Bogaert Díaz Dermatological and Skin Surgery Institute, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; school attached to the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

He did his training in Internal Medicine at the Hospital Padre Billini, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors from the Universidad Central del Este (UCE) medical school.

He belongs to the Ibero-Latin American College of Dermatology (CILAD), Aesthetic & Antiaging Medicine International Society (AAMISO), Argentine Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SOARME) and the American Association of Spa and Aesthetic Clinics AASC.

He is a full member of the Dominican Medical College (CMD).

It has the exequatur of law No. 324-05 and the Dominican Medical College record No. 18906


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