Mods that reproduce the death game of the popular drama “Squid Game” are being released one after another in each game. People who enjoy “Daruma-san fell” in “GTA Online” –AUTOMATON

(Image Credit: Vadact)

The Korean drama “Squid Game”, which was distributed on Netflix this year and has been highly acclaimed around the world. In this work, people who have difficult circumstances such as carrying a large amount of debt aim to survive the death game next to death and get a lot of money alive. There seems to be a gamer who immediately creates a reproduction mod for such a death game.Overseas mediaKotakuEtc. are reporting.

YouTuber Vadact reproduces the “squid game” in “GTA Online”. Officially, it is a work that mods cannot be applied, but it is produced with a dedicated mod tool FiveM, and a dedicated server is prepared and played. First of all, it starts with “Daruma-san fell”, which is the first game in the drama. The characteristic big girl doll acts as a demon, running on the field while saying “Daruma-san has fallen”, and when turning around, it stops and aims to reach the other side of the field. If you move while turning around, you will be shot dead like a drama.

In addition, the “stepping stone crossing” in the drama is also reproduced. The purpose is to cross the glass bridge within 10 minutes, and if you step on anything other than tempered glass, it will break and fall and you will die. And one more, “Hide and Seek” which is not in the drama is recorded. It is a rule that keeps running away for 15 minutes from the player who became a doll of a girl who plays the role of a demon on a map like a server room.

In the mod, it can be seen that the participants’ green jerseys and the costumes of the operator wearing masks are also reproduced based on the drama. In addition, one player is also in charge of the role of demon, and it is a mod that allows you to enjoy the role play of the “squid game”.

YouTuber’s PWR uses Fortnite’s creative mode to recreate the “squid game.” In addition to the aforementioned “Daruma-san fell” and “stepping stone crossing”, there are also death games with the motif of “cutting out” in the drama. In the drama, it was required to cut out sugar confectionery in the shape of a circle, a star, or an umbrella, but here the rule is to shoot all the targets placed in those shapes within the time limit.

“Among Us” also seems to have “squid game” -like mods. The girl’s doll is placed in the cafeteria, and the element “Daruma-san fell” is introduced into the normal gameplay. The crew can only move during the “Green Light” where the words “Daruma-san fell” can be heard, and if the girl moves between the “Red Light” turned around, she will die instantly. There is also a rule that if you find an eyepatch on board, you can blindfold the girl and move freely for 1 minute.

In addition to those listed here, for example, “Minecraft” and “Roblox” also seem to have mods that reproduce the death game of “squid game”. Also, it seems that simple mods that reproduce the appearance of the characters that appeared in the drama are being produced for various titles.

When popular content appeared, there was a trend to create mods that reproduce it. The death game of the drama “Squid Game” has a cruel side, but it has easy-to-understand contents that incorporate old-fashioned play such as “Daruma-san fell”, so it is perfect for enjoying with a large number of people. It may have been. If you are interested, why don’t you look for it?

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