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Mohanlal will once again lead the star organization Amma: Chosen Unopposed

Kochi: Mohanlal will once again lead the star organization Amma. Mohanlal will be re-elected unopposed as Amma’s president. Mohanlal and Babu, who is contesting for the post of General Secretary, have no opposition. Siddique will be the treasurer and Jayasuriya the joint secretary. The indication is that the official party will get a clear lead in this election as well. Mammootty and Dileep’s mind is with Mohanlal.

Shammi Thilakan’s nomination papers rejected This is because Shammi forgot to sign the petition. Baiju and Premkumar from Thiruvananthapuram signed the nomination papers for Shammi as the nominee and supporter. But there are indications that Shammi forgot to sign. With this, the nomination paper was rejected. This embarrassed Baiju and Premkumar. With this, Idavela Babu was also selected unopposed.

There is more than one contestant for all the remaining positions. If there is a candidate on the day of withdrawal of nomination papers, the election will be held for Amma. Former vice president KB Ganesh Kumar will not be in the fray. The Pathanapuram MLA has made it clear that he will not contest. Shammi Thilakan has filed his nomination papers for the posts of Vice President, Treasurer and Joint Secretary. If Shammi’s nomination had not been rejected, there would have been a contest everywhere except for Mohanlal’s presidency. With the rejection of the nomination, the contest was eliminated in all the four important positions.

There are multiple candidates for the position of Vice President. Mukesh MLA has also filed the petition. Maniyan Pillai Raju, Jagadish, Shweta Menon and Asha Sarath are also in the fray. Innocent, who is also Amma’s former president, has been actively involved in similar efforts. The vote is scheduled for December 19. Innocent was Amma’s president before Mohanlal. When Innocent vacated his post, General Secretary Mohanlal became the captain of Amma.

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