Monday horoscope: what awaits you today? – In harmony – Egoiste

Aries: The moon will be in your sign today and tomorrow, which will give you extra energy. However, in general, this time is not astrologically suitable for starting new things, especially under the influence of emotions.

Taurus: You would rather spend the day with like-minded people or focus on physical activity. You will be sexually passionate, you will want to show your partner what you are capable of in bed.

Gemini: You will be active, you will want to express yourself both at work and in private life. Most importantly, don’t act hastily! Expensive purchases are not desirable, especially on the Internet, because the shipment may be delayed, but the product may turn out to be of poor quality.

Cancer: By no means begin to explain relationships with fellow human beings, especially loved ones! Of course, if everything is in order between you, you can spend a passionate evening together in an intimate atmosphere.

Lion: A fiery day, a question of how to use it. Try to do without proving your truth at work and jealousy scenes at home. You can make future plans, play sports in the fresh air.

Virgo: A good time to climb the career ladder. You have to be a little more ambitious! You can establish cooperation with foreign partners. For women, the day is more successful than for the stronger sex.

Libra: For some Libra, the rhythm of the day may be too fast, aggressive. At the same time, those who learn to adapt to the situation will succeed. The partnership will strive for freedom.

Scorpio: You start the week actively. You will not suffer downtime in the work area, laziness around you. If you’re not in the boss chair yet, you’ll be there soon. The sphere of love will also try to stand out, but do not become too intrusive.

Sagittarius: You will miss travel, contact with foreigners. You will look for ways to make up for this void. One Sagittarius will focus on career development, another will start esoteric studies.

Capricorn: The whole week will be spent on the string of workaholism, and you start even today. It is recommended not to start new projects, it is better to complete the started things. This is not a good time to change jobs either.

Aquarius: The sun will be in your sign for another three days, so use your time wisely. Someone will probably be celebrating a birthday today. You won’t think much about restrictions, if you want to meet someone, you will.

Pisces: The background of the day can affect you in two ways – you will either be active or want to fall into the corner, away from all the bustle. Maybe sitting at home, you will have gained weight and wondered how to regain the previous shape.


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