Monolith on the Moon – the Chinese have discovered a mysterious object, photo

While studying the surface of a natural satellite of the Earth, Chinese experts have discovered an amazing find. This is a monolith that no one expected to see in such an unusual place.

About it reports Point.

The Chinese space agencies sent the Yuytu-2 lunar rover to the moon two years ago. Since then, the device has been surfing the moon and trying to find what might be interesting. The device is small, in size it resembles an ordinary office chair, but has different functions. For example, the device has built-in high-resolution cameras, solar panels, a powerful transmitter and six motorized wheels.

Not so long ago, “Yuytu-2” discovered a strange object, which they have already christened “Lunar Monolith”. The Chinese discovered a strangely shaped stone that resembles a fragment of a huge slab with sharp edges.

The find was so unusual that the mission leaders ordered an urgent change in the research program. The leadership demanded to rebuild the route of the lunar rover in such a way that it examined the monolith in as much detail as possible.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to change the program of the device, at the moment there are only a few pictures of the mysterious monolith. The main version is as follows: the monolith is a piece of rock that broke off when a space object hit and stuck into the lunar soil.

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