More beautiful life: Caesar and Barbara form an alliance against Helena!

Fans of Plus belle la vie will be smiling. In the upcoming episodes, Barbara and Cesar will team up to overthrow Helena!

Viewers of “Plus belle la vie” are going to have a little surprise. In the next episodes, Barbara will be helped by Caesar to corner Helena. MCE TV shows you everything.

There are always many twists and turns in “Plus belle la vie”. As the investigation into Melmont’s death continues, Sabrina finally confesses to Stan that it was she who had killed him.

The young woman could no longer see her darling feel guilty for a murder that he had not committed. But Revel and Boher finally decided to take the DNA samples of the relatives of all the suspects….

But Sabrina is not the only character of “Plus belle la vie” to be in turmoil! Barbara also encounters difficulties in her personal life.

Still in love with Chris, she continues her adulterous affair with him … While continuing to work for his wife Helena!

In addition, Léo Castelli’s daughter also agreed to work for Revel to save her father’s career. In exchange, she must therefore provide him with information on the intriguing architect!

More beautiful life: Barbara must spy on Helena!

For many months, Helena is in the crosshairs of the authorities. Indeed, my young wife is suspected of embezzling funds and having offshore accounts all over the world.

The showrunners of “Plus belle la vie” always like to spice up the intrigues! Caesar, who became Helena’s lover, goes also infatuated with Barbara.

Panicked at the idea of ​​missing her spy mission, the head of the Mistral will also confide in him. And that’s not all !

In episodes at come from “More beautiful life“, The latter will do the maximum to help the young woman … Even if it means saving Barbara when Helena begins to have doubts on his shenanigans! To be continued…