More beautiful will be the poop

From the smallest to the biggest guest in the forest, everyone claims to be the creator of the most beautiful poop in the world. In this setting with dense vegetation and varied foliage, a real competition takes place under the curious eyes of a multitude of small insects, colorful birds and a discreet snake. Of the mouse or the fox, the weasel or the deer (to name a few) who will win the title of the perfect turd? The irruption of an armed biped, threatening the sylvan tranquility, will precipitate the debate.

The salvation of the hosts of these woods will come from their droppings, innocently deposited on the hunter’s path. Objects of disagreement, these little brown and foul-smelling clusters will, against all odds, become their asset in the face of the predator: it is by sliding on one of these droppings that he will end up falling on another, laying his hand on one. next… Under the laughter of their owners, the ill-intentioned human will have to turn back. Stained with all those of the inhabitants of the clearing, he becomes the most beautiful poop in the world, winning the palm without his knowledge.

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With a fine and delicate line, enhanced by warm and reassuring colors, Camille Garoche has put into images this charming bestiary of which Marie Pavlenko has imagined the adventure. Dedicated to “Associations that everywhere fight to protect wild animals from human predation”, this book highlights the richness of the flora and fauna that populates our forests, emphasizing mutual aid rather than arrogance and diversity rather than uniformity. In short, the union is poop!

The most beautiful poop in the world, by Marie Pavlenko and Camille Garoche, Little Urban, 32 pp., 15.90 euros. From 4 years old.

Agathe Couderc


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