More optimism about Johnson’s recovery

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson eis responding to oxygen treatment He has been administered since Sunday at St. Thomas Hospital, where he is in an intensive care unit, and he is ready to sit on his bed and talk to the medical team that treats him.

To the apparent recovery of the head of government, the good news is added that the scientists who advise him see signs of a tendency to stabilize the number of income in hospitals, which leads managers of the National Health Service (NHS) to believe that it will not be overwhelmed by a drastic increase in patients. The number of deaths in hospitals, however, continues to rise, with the highest daily number, 938, on Monday.

The confinement of citizens in their homes, which they can go out once a day to buy their needs or to exercise, It was going to last until the weekend, but the words of the scientific advisers, in the daily press conference, and the most resounding of the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the chief minister of the Executive of Wales, Mark Drakeford, indicate it will spread.

Johnson’s recovery reduces uncertainty about the Government, whose activity is not affected by its absence in the short term but could pose problems if prolonged. Stability in the number of admissions and the impact that confinement has on the economy have fostered a demand for an exit strategy to be offered, which perhaps requires the presence of a popular politician like Johnson.

Finance Minister Risi Shunak has announced the distribution of € 856 million to affected non-governmental organizations. Labor Finance Minister Annelise Dodds called the announcement insufficient.



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