More than half of Russia’s regions are intensifying de-escalation today

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Along with a large number of European countries and the former Soviet Union, more than half of the 85 territorial entities that make up the Russian Federation today lift mandatory containment measures, many other restrictions issued to combat the coronavirus and go to the called the “second phase”, some even the “third”, the last before undertaking full normalization.

This was stated yesterday by the director of the Rospotrebnadzor control body, Anna Popova, in statements to the media. The Moscow province, according to its governor, Andréi Vorobiov, is one of the regions that is launching “second phase” today, after spending only one week in the first. Vorobiov said that they will open small restaurants and cafes, service businesses such as hairdressers and beauty salons, as well as dry cleaners and some commercial stores, but strictly controlling the capacity.

Without safe conduct
Since Saturday in the Moscow region, QR passes are no longer necessary to drive or use public transport. You can go outside to take walks or play sports. What is still required is to keep social distance and use gloves and a mask. As in the capital, the industry and building construction works have been operating since 18 May in the Moscow region.

In Siberia many regions, especially the less densely populated ones, pass the “third phase” and will allow the full circulation of people, they will open parks and even large shopping centers. However, in the city of Moscow, epicenter of the epidemic within Russia for having the highest population density, the containment measures will continue in force until at least May 31 and it will still be necessary to process QR codes to use any type transport, including private.

The only easing of the restrictions that begins today in the Russian capital is the resumption of the activity of most of the Multifunctional Centers of State Services (MFTs in its acronym in Russian) for the processing of a wide range of official procedures and the car sharing.

Restlessness for Dagestan
Meanwhile, the situation in the Caucasian republic of Dagestan continues to raise concern about the significant increase in infections registered in recent days. Medical reinforcements and forces of the Ministry of Civil Protection with disinfection teams have been sent to the area from Moscow. Dagestan ranks fifth in Russia in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection.

The de-escalation that is intensifying in Russia today, according to the infectious diseases specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Elena Malínnikova, “may provoke a second wave of infections, but we are prepared for it.” In an interview with the newspaper “Parlámentskaya Gazeta”, Malínnikova maintains that, if it occurs, “a re-emergence of COVID-19 cases would not be as serious as before, since a certain collective immunity has been created and the virus is weakening.”

Russia already has 353,427 infected, after registering 8,946 new cases in the last 24 hours, 347 more infections than those registered on Sunday. It also notes a total of 3,633 deaths, after experiencing an increase of 92 since yesterday, which is 61 less than the previous day. In Moscow, infections have increased by 2,560, which is an increase of 44 compared to Sunday, totaling 166,473 infected. Deaths have increased by 41, being 18 less than the previous day, bringing the total to 2,034 deaths. .


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