Morelia announces change of headquarters to Mazatlán. Official

It is official, everything is ready so that from the Opening 2020 arise the Mazatlan FC, team that will take the place of Monarchs Morelia in Liga MX. Through a statement, the purépecha directive made the move official and announced that they began with the procedures for the change of venue, in addition to highlighting that for the first time the soccer of Liga MX to the port of Sinaloa.

“The Athletic Club Morelia, S.A. de C.V. announced the beginning of the procedures before the Mexican Soccer Federation and the Liga MX to change headquarters to the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. For the first time in history, the soccer of the highest category of our country will arrive at Mazatlan, one of the important ports in Latin America, with an innovative project that will seek to promote spirit tireless of the SinaloansMonarchs announced.

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The Morelia It was founded in 1950 and although it had promotions and decreases, since 1980 it participated in the First Division without interruption, until now it will change its name and headquarters.

“From now on, soccer, like any sport, will be part of the construction of the new social and economic vision that Mazatlan and Sinaloa are living. The innovation and modernity, combined with the warm and irreverent spirit of the Mazatlecos, will allow to develop a long-term project, with which the sports values ​​and the essence of a city with enormous potential to make history in Mexican Soccer will be promoted ”, added the statement.

The move from Morelia to Mazatlán It was almost closed since even the footballers had already been warned for a couple of weeks. Hence, in recent days details have been fine-tuned in the Mazatlán stadium, built by the Sinaloan government, for which it allocated 652 million pesos of public resources.

Francisco Palencia, coach of Mazatlán FC?

Since the last weekend move started in the stadium Morelos, where several trailers arrived for the transfer of a team that will change its coach because Pablo Guede did not reach an agreement with the board. Now Everything indicates that this team will be led by Juan Francisco Palencia.

“Sinaloa is a state with a natural talent for soccer: 24 players from the entity are members of the 18 Liga MX clubs. Having a First Division team will further enhance the possibility of the Sinaloenses who have dreamed of reaching the maximum circuit. Likewise, having a first-level stadium will promote the experience that Mazatlecos will enjoy every 15 days and show the hospitality and atmosphere that the Port has for visitors from Mexico and abroad, “wrote the Purépecha club.

In its almost 70 years of history, Morelia had 1 League title (Winter 2000), as well as an MX Cup, which was won by the Atlas at the Apertura 2013, as well as figures such as Ángel Comizzo, Darío Franco, Marco Antonio Figueroa and many more.

They thank Morelia

Despite the fact that there were different fan demonstrations so that Morelia did not change its headquarters, the club took the opportunity to thank Morelia.

After that, the Mexican Soccer Federation will evaluate the requirements for the move, which must be confirmed at the next First Division Owners Assembly, to be held in the coming days of June.

“The appreciation and respect of the club with the city of Morelia and the michoacanos will last forever. Monarchs Morelia it was part of the contemporary history of the city; belong to Morelia and its people the trophies obtained and the name of Monarchs. The headquarters changes they have occurred in different clubs and professional teams around the world; These are a natural part of any sport. Moving to MazatlánAlthough difficult, it will give long-term viability to an organization committed to sports. Starting next season, Mazatlan it will be our house; we go with the enthusiasm and commitment to grow the soccer and root the team in the community ”, concluded the document.

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