Morena insisted on the regulation of social networks in Congress: “It does not correspond to private companies”

Ricardo Monreal insisted that the Mexican Congress must regulate social networks (Video: Courtesy / Morena Senadores)

Brunette, the party of the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador and with control of Congress, reiterated this Sunday your intentions to regulate social media, ensuring that the only “correct and democratic” way to protect freedom of expression is through legislation to prevent it from remaining in the hands of private companies.

“He The human right to freedom of expression in cyberspace must be protected for its effective exercise through principles established in the laws. Not as an obstacle, but as a tool to be empowered “, he expressed in a video Ricardo Monreal, the coordinator of the senators from Morena.

In this sense, the only correct and democratic way to protect the human right to freedom of expression in cyberspace is through the legislative process.

Monreal assured that the only democratic way to regulate social networks was through the Legislative Power (Photo: Dado Ruvic / Reuters)

Faced with this approach, Monreal stated that “it must be through sovereign deliberation and approval where the limits of action of private companies are established owners of social networks ”.

Monreal, who is also the president of the Jucopo (Political Coordination Board), which brings together all the leaders of the parties that make up the Senate, added that social networks should be considered “a democratic resource made available to the entire population.” .

“Therefore, being a democratic principle and being a matter of public order, it is inevitable that the manifestation of ideas, through these technological tools, are clearly regulated, in order to protect this principle and the corresponding human rights ”, he argued.

“In the same vein, private companies that own social networks provide this service through the Internet, through public telecommunications networks and, since the latter are subject to a public interest regime, it is considered that its regulation should be implemented in the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law“, advancement.

Monreal criticized that unilaterally social networks such as Facebook or Twitter can restrict a user from their platforms (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Monreal criticized that unilaterally social networks such as Facebook or Twitter can restrict a user from their platforms (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Monreal assured that this is an “unavoidable and inevitable debate” to which the Mexican Legislative Power “cannot be ignored or indifferent.” “Surely soon we will give that debate and act accordingly”, concluded the Morenoist leader.

The debate proposed by Monreal last week and in which insisted a few hours before the start of the regular session of both Houses of Congress It is part of a broader debate that involves the rest of the world and of which there is still no clear example of how to regulate these technology companies.

And it is that the issue of the regulation of social networks exploded above all from the fact that lThe most powerful platforms, led by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, suspended the accounts of former US President Donald Trump after inciting his followers to prevent the certification of the elections that prevented his re-election.

“The standards for the protection of fundamental rights, such as The human right to freedom of expression in cyberspace should not be regulated by private companies, but by the democratic body and sovereign ”, remarked Ricardo Monreal this Sunday.

AMLO expressed his disagreement because they blocked Trump’s social networks (Video: Courtesy of the Presidency)

The Morenoist senator specified that social networks “undoubtedly exercise specific power over and through freedom of expression.” “Through their privacy policies, they can suspend or delete accounts and content unilaterally”, full.

“Although human rights have been a limit to the powers established to prevent abuses, in the same sense they must be with respect to the actions of individuals. Thus, it is considered justified to protect freedom of expression on social media“, said.

Monreal’s proposal occurred just hours after Twitter, whom López Obrador has strongly criticized in his press conferences, suspended accounts of supporters of the Mexican president’s government for “violating spam rules and manipulation of the platform ”, that is, they supposedly managed bot accounts.

Defenders of the Mexican government called the movement “censorship” after López Obrador wrongly accused that the director of Twitter in Mexico was a close figure of the opposition PAN (National Action Party), and that he was even an advisor to a senator from the same party.


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