Morges suspect confesses, says he acted to “avenge the Prophet” –

The alleged murderer of a 29-year-old man, Saturday evening in Morges, confessed by justifying his crime by “revenge against the Swiss state”, revealed Wednesday the RTS. It also appears that he did not reside in an appropriate place, namely a hotel room. A place in a psychiatric establishment was then sought.

Considered a danger to the internal and external security of Switzerland since 2017 by the Confederation’s Intelligence Service, the Vaudois Omer A., ​​26, took action last Saturday, stabbing a passerby in front of a kebab restaurant in Morges.

Arrested the next day in possession of the murder weapon and in particular of a copy of the Koran, he justified his crime by “revenge against the Swiss state” by attacking a quidam representing its population. He also said it was “to avenge the Prophet,” a source close to the investigation told RTS on Wednesday.

“Act of a terrorist nature”

According to a federal security source, this is clearly an “act of a terrorist nature”. The young man, psychologically unbalanced, breaking with his Turkish-Swiss family established in western Lausanne, had been actively monitored since 2017 as a radicalized individual.

He was jailed in April 2019 after trying to set fire to a gas station in Prilly (VD) in his neighborhood. He was released from preventive prison in July this year, RTS revealed. And he escaped the social and psychological net set up by the Public Ministry of the Confederation in consultation with the Vaud authorities.

Blur around his release

As he was already on the radar of the Intelligence Services for suspected radicalization since 2017, it was the Federal Prosecutor’s Office that took up the case and managed his preventive detention.

For what reasons was he released this summer, despite a violent and unbalanced profile and under what conditions?

A communicated MPC broadcast Wednesday afternoon explains that alternative measures included a night curfew, an obligation to register and the ban on carrying weapons. Until the homicide, the MPC affirms “not to have been informed of any violation of the imposed substitution measures which would have justified a new detention”.

In the immediate circle, the family refuses to express themselves. Ties with the suspect have been severed for over a year. The family, however, regularly collaborated with the police in an attempt to stem the radicalization of Omer A.

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Ludovic Rocchi

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