Moroccan skills abroad must contribute to the new dynamic generated by the US decision (ambassador)

Moroccan Ambassador to Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mohamed Ameur, said Friday evening that Moroccan skills abroad must contribute to the new dynamic generated by the American decision to recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom over its Sahara.

During a virtual debate on the web-TV “Al Jisr Info” moderated by journalist Mustapha Labyad with actors from the Moroccan community in Belgium, Mr. Ameur recalled that the MRE have always played a leading role in the defense of the national cause, adding that “in the current context, we must work hand in hand with civil society and all the actors and skills abroad who are able to bring this issue to political circles and to decision making”.

Stating that the American recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara is “a considerable and very positive development”, the ambassador stressed that this decision is part of a logical continuation since the American administration, both Democratic and Republican, has always considered the proposal autonomy in the southern provinces presented by Morocco as “a serious and credible solution, which constitutes the basis of settlement of this artificial regional dispute”.

“The American decision upsets the status quo and is part of the logic of a solution,” he said, estimating that its consequences and impact will be perceptible in the short and medium terms. Mr. Ameur affirmed, in this regard, that the American decision generated positive reactions and created promising prospects for the resolution of a conflict which lasts for 45 years, recalling that a total of 40 countries took part in the ministerial conference in support of the Autonomy Initiative under the sovereignty of Morocco, organized last month at the invitation of the Kingdom and the United States.

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The Ambassador also welcomed the opening of consulates of various brotherly and friendly countries in the southern provinces which, according to him, reinforces support for the Moroccan character of the Sahara and constitutes recognition of the legitimacy of the Kingdom’s claims. with regard to its territorial integrity.

For Mr. Ameur, the American recognition of national sovereignty over the Sahara has created “a new favorable context for our national cause” and will relaunch the political process on new bases knowing “the weight of the United States as the first power. world and permanent member of the UN Security Council ”.

The American recognition is “the result of long-term work and the crowning of the efforts of Moroccan diplomacy under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI”, he added, noting that this decision must first challenge Europe, the continent closest to the Maghreb and the most impacted by this regional dispute.

“The EU has an interest in the Maghreb being united and united and becoming a true partner to face the multiple challenges linked to security, terrorist threats, illegal immigration… scourges which impact Europe”, insisted the Moroccan diplomat. According to Mr. Ameur, Europe is called upon to emerge from this “negative neutrality” and to engage more to advance the resolution of this conflict which has lasted too long.

Regarding the restoration of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel, Mr. Ameur recalled that the Moroccan Constitution is the only one in the world to have registered the Hebrew tributary as an integral part of the national identity, underlining the strong attachment of Moroccan Jews, wherever they are, to the Motherland.

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The Ambassador also highlighted the Kingdom’s efforts for the preservation of Judeo-Moroccan heritage, through actions to rehabilitate museums, places of worship and sanctuaries, adding that Morocco continues to establish itself as a “Exception” in terms of tolerance, living together and coexistence between religions.

In addition, Mr. Ameur underlined that the Kingdom has always encouraged initiatives of rapprochement between Palestinians and Israelis and continues to reiterate its commitment to support the Palestinian cause on the basis of international law, as part of the solution to two states.

“The logic of rupture does not serve peace and the time has come for the international community to work to advance this issue and allow it to have a peaceful outcome,” he insisted.

And Mr. Ameur added that Morocco affirmed that “it will put all its assets to the profit of the resumption of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians and in favor of the establishment of peace in the Middle East”.

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