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Morocco confirms its positioning on hydrogen

Morocco is making great strides in sustainable development. The choice of green hydrogen fully illustrates the Kingdom’s commitment to succeed in its energy transition and to establish its position on the international scene as a pioneer in renewable energies.

In accordance with the vision outlined by the Sovereign, the Department of Energy, Mines and the Environment and all the other bodies operating in the sector are active in the deployment of green hydrogen, which is the keystone. of the green transition of the energy and industrial sectors. Moreover, the first green hydrogen development initiatives have already been launched throughout the country, thus crowning the implementation of a development strategy in accordance with the recommendations of the study which confirmed the disposal of Morocco of significant potential for the development of this sector. Morocco can, in fact, capture up to 4% of global demand for green molecules. “The implementation of this strategy, the objective of which is to meet local demand and optimize the exploitation of national potential, particularly through exports, is based on three strategic axes”, we learn from the supervisory authority. . These are indeed technologies encompassing technological developments and cost savings. The second axis concerns investment and supply. This component includes the establishment of an industrial cluster and the development of a master plan for the corresponding infrastructures. The third orientation of the strategy revolves around markets and demand. It refers to the realization of demand opportunities, giving rise to new markets.

In this regard, an action plan has been defined with a view to implementing the provisions of this strategy gradually and until 2050. In this regard, it is planned to reduce costs throughout the period. the value chain of the green hydrogen sector and its derivatives as well as to put in place the necessary measures for the local industrial integration of the hydrogen sector through the training of human resources and the transfer of expertise to skills Moroccan. It is also planned to create a national industrial cluster dedicated to the development of hydrogen technologies and the development of a master plan for the corresponding infrastructures. This action plan also includes the development of a national storage plan, the purpose of which is to enhance the use of hydrogen and its derivatives as an energy source. It is also a question of ensuring the necessary financing for the development of hydrogen and associated production activities by strengthening international cooperation with international partners, as well as the creation of new partnerships in order to seize the opportunities offered by the hydrogen sector. . The objectives set for 2050 also aim to develop a national hydrogen market, by inviting operators and investors to use clean energy based on green hydrogen. The program also includes the creation of a Moroccan and regional research and development (R&D) pole. The aim is to strengthen commitment to R&D activities and to propose a set of pilot projects in order to consolidate our country’s position as a center of expertise in new technologies. The supervisory also intends, through this strategy, to create favorable conditions for the export of hydrogen and its derivatives, with priority given to its export to Europe, where demand is expected to be strong in coming years.

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