Morocco: death penalty for murder and rape of 11-year-old boy

The Criminal Chamber at the Tangier Court of Appeal sentenced the main accused in the murder case of Adnane, 11 at the time of the events in September, to death.

Four months after the sordid crime, the 24-year-old murderer was sentenced Wednesday to death on charges of kidnapping, forcible confinement, indecent assault and premeditated murder.

In addition, three other people prosecuted in the same case were each sentenced to 4 months in prison, for “concealing a crime committed” and “not denouncing the facts”.

As a reminder, the murder of Adnane Bouchouf caused a wave of indignation in Morocco. The 11-year-old child was found last September, a lifeless body, buried not far from his home, after being kidnapped, raped and killed by the main defendant in the case.


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