Morocco / Fish canning industry: UNICOP sounds the alarm

Canned fish manufacturers have been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 health crisis. Professionals in the sector as well as members of the National Union of the Canned Fish Industry (Unicop) alert, via a press release, the public authorities and call on them to financially support their industry, which does not benefit from any subsidy. state, despite its economic importance and its contribution to investment and job creation.

Thus, the National Union of the Canning Industry is pleading for an urgent application of the solutions and recommendations of scientists aimed at ensuring the safeguard of the fish stock. It also recommends imposing a right of scrutiny by the State on monopolies and limiting increases in raw materials that would be unjustified.

In addition, Unicop calls for operators in the sector to have priority access to the raw material for the sake of significant added value, a strategic positioning of the Morocco product and a sustainability of the socio-economic contribution. -economic.

“The sector, which since 2009 has contributed 11 billion dirhams to the national GDP and 1.2% of value-added production, has increased its contribution to the economy by increasing the value of exports to more than 11 % of agro-food exports from the Kingdom ”, informs the association in the press release.

The fish canning industry has become one of the main contributors to reducing unemployment, providing nearly 30,000 direct jobs and over 80,000 indirect jobs nationwide. The advent of the health crisis weighed heavily on its performance. Thus, supply chains have been disrupted because of inter-sector competition and the structural lack of resources, explains the same source.

Because of this scarcity of resources, the impact has been doubly negative. “First, the units no longer operate as before and their normal regime thus reducing the number of working days. Then, customer contracts are not respected, thus affecting the strategic positioning of the Kingdom and reducing the quantities of exports which are -25% in volume compared to 2020 and foreseeable at -40% for the end of the year ”explains the Unicop in the press release.

Also, “the price of vegetable oils: Soybean-Sunflower and olive oil have experienced dizzying outbreaks sometimes exceeding 100% increase. The price of the metal box and the cardboard packaging has continued for several months to show periodic and historical unplanned increases generating general disarray, not only of manufacturers but also of customers, ”concludes Unicop.


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