Moses, Jacqueline Galant’s son, is not going back to school on Tuesday like the other kindergarten students

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However, each school will open at their own pace and each child will return at their own pace. For example, Moïse, the son of the deputy mayor of Jurbise Jacqueline Galant (MR), who will not find “Madame Nathalie” until June 8.

“As a member of the organizing power of municipal schools, we decided to make the return of kindergartens on June 8 and not on June 2, at the same time as the other primary classes,” says Jacqueline Galant, the former Minister of Mobility. .

► Jacqueline Galant explains this decision.

► “The story of the fly”: this is his original way of explaining the coronavirus to Moses.

► For the Jurbisienne, there is no question that her son wears a mask…



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