Mozart manuscript auctioned for 130,000 euros

Ein manuscript by the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was auctioned in Berlin for 130,000 euros. The two-page original, which was sent to a private bidder from the United States, contained the complete first violin part for two orchestral dances (Köchel catalogs 609 and 463) as well as three drafts for one of the most important concerts in the composer’s life, such as the auction house JA Stargardt on Announced Friday. The offer price was 140,000 euros.

The manuscript was apparently unknown to Mozart research, said the auction house. The original also provides information on planning one of Mozart’s most famous concerts. In addition to handwritten scribbles and words (“. And and and and.”) Mozart made notes for his Vienna concert on March 23, 1783. During his appearance in the Burgtheater, Mozart premiered the new version of his “Haffner” symphony and his piano concerto in C major KV 415, among other things. The piano concerto and rondo in D major were also on the program.

In a letter to his father Leopold on March 29th, Mozart wrote: “The theater couldn’t have been fuller, and everyone was lying. But my favorite thing was that his Mayestätt the kayser was also there, and how happy he was, and what loud applause he gave me … “


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