Municipal in Lille: Spillebout does not see himself as a "Macronist candidate"

Violette Spillebout, invested by LREM for Lille's municipal elections, said on Wednesday that she did not consider herself "at all" as the "Macronist candidate", assuring that she did not want to be "the soldier of a president of the Republic". -powerful. " "I assume the logos of the parties that support me but now, by the end of the year, the logos will disappear" posters and leaflets and "I will be the candidate Breath Lille And no longer LREM, she said in a meeting with four journalists.

Invested by The Republic on the march in July after a bitter battle with MP Valerie Petit, Violette Spillebout has since received support from MoDem, UDI, UDE and the Radical Movement. The logos of all these parties are presently very small on his leaflets. Asked if the term "Macronist candidate" suited her, she replied, "No, that does not suit me at all! It bothers me about the political partners who joined me. (…) I want to be a candidate who gathers much more widely. "We are not in a kind of cult of the personality. (…) I am not the soldier of an all-powerful President of the Republic, "Spillebout insisted. "I voted Emmanuel Macron in the two rounds of the presidential election" of 2017, "there are many things that I support" in his policy, but also "things (for which) I keep my critical mind."

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In a statement sent on Wednesday night to Agence France-Presse, Violette Spillebout said her remarks – which she did not deny – had been "misinterpreted". "I was invested by La République en route last July," she said, "and I'm proud of it. Violette Spillebout also wanted to mitigate her comments made to journalists by saying that she "does not want us to reduce her to the Macronist label because (she) presents herself with a collective of women and women." men who embody in its diversity a wider project for Lille. Its former competitor for the investiture LREM, Valerie Petit, had reacted at the end of the day to his remarks by telling Agence France-Presse: "These statements do not surprise me, but they shock me a little. Me, I assume fully as macronist! "

Regarding the government's proposals on immigration presented on Wednesday, "overall, on the principle that guides the reform, I'm in phase", but "when we go into detail on the measures, we ask questions," commented on Violet Spillebout. On the pension reform, she considers "courageous to tackle now" but also "difficult for (them)" that the head of state "do during the municipal".

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At his side, his new campaign director, Ingrid Brulant, said that during the distribution of leaflets, she preferred to present Violette Spillebout as "the candidate of the centers", the parties being, in his eyes, "a necessary evil". Regarding the moment of the entry into the campaign of the mayor PS of Lille, Martine Aubry, of which she was for a long time the campaign director, Violette Spillebout indicated that it "does not change anything" for her that she formalizes her candidacy "Today or in two months". "For her campaign accounts, it would be nice" she quickly candidate, judge, however Spillebout spokesperson, Alexis Massart, who led the campaign of the UMP candidate for municipal in Lille in 2008, Sébastien Huyghe.

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