Murder of Wivinne Marion: the investigation soon completed, Xavier Van Dam remains silent

This Thursday afternoon, the Namur prosecutor’s office returned to several dramatic cases. With legal advances for some of them.

Thus, we learned that the investigation into the assassination of Wivine Marion, killed on November 1, 2018 while she was jogging in Boninne, is coming to an end. The alleged perpetrator, Xavier Van Dam, also indicted for sexual assault in this case, is currently exercising his right to silence. The investigation is practically closed. The file will soon be sent to the Namur prosecutor’s office who will analyze it and draw up an indictment of dismissal. Then will follow all the rules of the procedure for a fixation, more than likely before the Assize Court.

Death of Marielle Tournay: investigation soon completed

The investigation into the murder of Marielle Tournay, which occurred on the night of November 27 to 28, 2019 in Assesse, is also practically complete. There remained an investigative duty to be carried out last September. This one has been done. The file will soon be communicated to the Namur public prosecutor’s office to draw up a referral indictment. The alleged perpetrator, Luc Nem, is his former companion. The autopsy had revealed that the victim had received violent punches or kicks. The man made a partial confession during the investigation.

Parricide in Couvin: the suspect released on conditions

On May 9, Mathieu Deneyer, a resident of Brûly-de-Pesche (Couvin) killed his 78-year-old grandfather at his home on rue Haut-Brûly. The reconstitution had taken place at the beginning of September. The 19-year-old young man, charged with the head of parricide, was released under conditions by the investigating judge, the Namur prosecutor’s office said on Thursday. Twice, the Namur council chamber had issued two electronic surveillance orders, but the prosecution had each time appealed to keep the suspect in preventive detention. In the present case, the examining magistrate ordered that the arrest warrant be lifted. Decision not contestable by the public prosecutor.

Death of Pablo in the Sambre in Namur: expertises still in progress

The investigation into the death of young Pablo Spinewine, who drowned in the Sambre in Namur on June 26, is still ongoing. If the thesis of intoxication has already been rejected, other expertises are still in progress. They should make it possible to determine the various responsibilities. The young man was reportedly electrocuted by the security railing he had clung to. “We need to know the technical causes of death. Know if there has been negligence, from whom and how? Know who is at fault. This has its importance from a criminal point of view, ”explains King’s prosecutor Vincent Macq.

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