Musician Ariel Pink Fired After Attending Capitol Hill In Support Of Trump And Being Accused Of Abuse | Arts and culture

Complex moments live Ariel Pink, influential American indie and lo-fi musician who was just fired from his label after taking part in the Capitol invasion in support of Donald Trump, and being accused of violence and sexual abuse from his ex-girlfriend.

“I was deprived of my livelihood as a result of the culture of cancellation”, confessed in dialogue with Fox News, where he said he was going through a bad economic time. “I dont have anything else to do. I can’t even pay my attorney right now, “he said.

Your contract with the label Mexican Summer it was expired after he acknowledged having been part of the aforementioned political demonstration; an act in reparation for Joe Biden’s triumph in the US presidential election.

“I can’t tour right now either. So it practically leaves me destitute and on the streets. I’m a bit overwhelmed and I don’t know exactly what to do ”, the singer pointed out.

On how he found out about the decision, he recalled: “My label wrote to inform me that they were receiving a lot of criticism and backlash for supporting me.”

Despite the above, Pink assured that he did not participate in any violent act: “I did not apologize. I felt like I hadn’t done anything. But these (newspaper) articles obviously put me on the site, which I was not on. And of course, I don’t advocate violence at all. I was there for a peaceful demonstration. That’s it. But there was no factual verification, ”he said.

In turn, he assured that he has received threats against him and his family: “My family has received death threats. They don’t even know I’m here. I had to sneak out because they were so terrified that I would appear on TV. The hate is just overwhelming. “

In another part of the interview, he added: “I did not vote so much for Trump but against the culture of cancellation, and this environment that has been burning for about four years and is about to increase and get even worse. “

Other charges

From Mexican Summer, they argue that that was not the reason for the dismissal of Ariel Marcus Rosenberg (Pink’s real name).

After the interview, details of the complaint were revealed by sexual harassment, violence and abuse from his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Ercoli Coe, presented this month in Los Angeles, California.

The allegations came to light after the County Superior Court denied Pink a restraining order, forcing him to pay the costs of the trial.

It should be remembered that the composer has starred in raucous media scandals in recent times. In 2019, in an interview with Pichfork, advocated for racism and the Westboro Baptist church (accused of homophobic, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic), in addition to claiming in 2014 that he loved “pedophiles and necrophiles.”


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