Mutation of the coronavirus: in the United Kingdom, it is “chaos” at the borders

This new strain is said to be more contagious than the others. The borders with the United Kingdom are closed.

LThe discovery of a new “out of control” variant of the coronavirus on British territory has prompted many countries, including Belgium, to suspend their links with the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair a crisis meeting on Monday on the country’s supplies and international travel, while the port of Dover announced to close for outgoing traffic.

Experts from the European Union believe, however, that the current vaccines against Covid-19 remain effective against this new strain.

Lack of supply

The British press does not hesitate to speak of “chaos”. In Douvre, where the port is closed, people are stranded in the cold after the borders have suddenly closed. The truck drivers arriving at the port are turned back by the police.

In the other ports of the United Kingdom and France, the lines extended for several kilometers.

The British fear they will have to deal with a lack of food supplies. There is also uncertainty about Brexit where the situation remains confused.

Stranded passengers

“Please help us out!” », Said a German in a video broadcast on the internet. Like her, dozens of passengers from Great Britain found themselves stranded at German airports overnight from Sunday to Monday.

At issue: the decision to suspend from Sunday midnight flights with this country because of the new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, more contagious, discovered in particular in the United Kingdom.

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In the Netherlands, passenger ferries from the UK will also be denied access to the Netherlands upon arrival at Dutch ports.


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