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Sunday, November 22, 2020 3:05 PM

Trained at Ajax Amsterdam currently in Twente

Zerrouki: “I have a Dutch mother but my choice is made, I will play for Algeria”

“I will never forget the coronation of Algeria in Egypt, Mahrez made us all proud”

“I am from the region of Sidi Bel Abbes and I am very proud to be Algerian”

“I really like Mahrez and Guedioura and I also appreciate Bounedjah, Atal, Bennacer, Belaïli, Slimani and Mandi”

The young and talented Ajax Amsterdam-trained defensive midfielder is having a promising start to the season with his current Twente FC. This Algerian player of Dutch mother does not hide his desire to wear the colors of Algeria one day. With seven appearances in the Dutch Eredivisie for two starts and a Dutch Cup match, Zerrouki, who recently completed his 22 years, returns exclusively in this interview granted to the Scorer on his ambitions with his club and his dream of one day deserving the ‘regard to Algerian national coach Djamel Belmadi.

First of all, the Algerian national coach Djamel Belmadi had declared that he was going to follow players in Holland and Portugal, we learn that you are one of the targeted players, confirmation?

I have to say it’s flattering to me to hear about such things but to be honest, I just heard this news. You are the first to tell me this news and I hope it will come true.

So are you interested in playing for Algeria?

Yes of course, it is a dream for me to represent the colors of my country of origin. I am one hundred percent Algerian and I want to fulfill this dream of playing for Algeria. It is an honor for me and for my family there.

In what position are you playing this season with Twente?

I play as a defensive midfielder. This is my go-to job, I’ll say.

You certainly followed Algeria during the last African Cup of Nations, what was your reaction?

It was a great time! It really is something big. I followed all the matches in Algeria and I was proud of this coronation which really made us all happy.

What have you kept in particular from this CAN?

Everything, everything was well done but I will say Riyad Mahrez’s goal, it was incredible, fantastic. It is the purpose of deliverance that gives our team a lot of confidence.

Do you know any Algerian players?

Of course, I like Mahrez and Guedioura a lot. Afterwards I also appreciate all the others, Bounedjah, Atal, Bennacer, Belaili, Slimani, Mandi. I admire them all frankly. I hope one day to join them I will work to get there by being efficient with my club.

Is it your daddy who is Algerian?

Yes, I am of Algerian origin, my dad is Algerian and my mom and Dutch. We are from the Oran region and more exactly from Sidi Bel Abbes. So here, I have my Algerian passport and my choice is made I will play for Algeria.

Have you ever been to Algeria?

Yes, I like coming to Algeria. I think I have been at least three times. After that, it’s difficult for a professional to travel too much.

Interview conducted by Moumen Ait Kaci Ali

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