“My goal is to eat our competitor’s toast ‘Better late'”

The intense daily news has served to prop up the audience of ‘Cuatro al día’, the evening magazine (5.30 pm) that Cuatro broadcasts from Monday to Friday with Joaquín Prat as presenter. The journalist came to the space to succeed Carmen Chaparro, who was in charge of starting the project two years ago. To her, Prat also dedicated words of thanks. «The rest of the team is still today. I was freaked out when they commissioned me. Now I can say that ‘Four a day’ is the best gift of my professional life ”, he reveals.

The Mediaset program started in February 2019 after the abrupt cancellation of all editions of ‘Noticias Cuatro’. At that time, the group justified that the daily information would continue in ‘Four a day’, but the way of telling the news was going to change. “It is one of the bets that has given us the best results,” proudly defends the company’s CEO, Paolo Vasile.

That first installment in 2019 was released with a 2.3% share and close to 250,000 viewers: «And we are already at 6%. I do not say it with vanity, but with pride. We have doubled the audience ”, highlights the executive producer of the format, Juan Serrano.

And the goal, according to Prat, is to continue growing and “eat the toast of ‘Better late’ (La Sexta).” “The objective of ‘Four a day’ is to be close to people, to continue in the same vein, but I would like to gain more audience and win over our most immediate competitor”, he is sincere. He says that Mamen Mendizábal “adores” her and that he received a “loving” message when he was in charge of the program. «We were partners for six years in Iñaki Gabilondo’s ‘Hoy por Hoy’ (Cadena SER). Now we are competing for a similar band.



«We were wrong; we should have given more coffins leaving the Ice Palace »

The demand for information due to the coronavirus health crisis served for the Cuatro magazine to shoot its audience data. In full confinement, during the month of April 2020, it registered the best monthly data in its history with an average of 827,000 viewers and a 6% share. The pandemic did not prevent the magazine from keeping its appointment with viewers. “We came to work scared, like anyone who left home to go shopping or carry out any regulated activity in the state of alarm,” he says. «The uncertainty was constant. And we were still not aware of the avalanche of tragedies that came upon us with so many deaths, ”he recalls.

Now, he admits that from the program they “made a mistake” by not showing the “harshest” images left by the pandemic. Yes, we should have given more coffins leaving the Ice Palace. We were wrong. It was necessary to have shown tougher images within limits “, he emphasizes. Testimonies from health workers, patients or relatives of people affected by Covid have also passed through the space, to whom the program has given a voice. “In ‘Cuatro al día’ I have cried more than in my entire professional career,” admits the Madrilenian.

Nice memories of your father

Joaquín Prat would like to interview the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias. Also to Rafa Nadal, among others desired. Almost all the political groups have passed through ‘Four a Day’, except that of Santiago Abascal. “We have not been lucky enough to be attended by any member of Vox. Yes the rest of the games, but Vox never.

He continues to combine his daily homework in the afternoons of Cuatro with the co-presentation of the social chronicle in ‘El program de Ana Rosa’. He joined Telecinco’s morning magazine in 2009 and, despite the fact that other projects have emerged on television and radio, he has never left Ana Rosa Quintana. “I humbly asked to stay on ‘AR’ and continue to discuss topics that I enjoy so much. Ana Rosa found it great, “she confesses. “But it still costs me a divorce,” he laughs.

Because their workday begins at 11:00 and ends almost at 9:00 p.m. “I hardly see my family, but I didn’t see my father either and I have an indelible memory.” From him, precisely, he still has lessons that he applies to his routine. «It was an attitude towards life. We are normal people, always with our feet on the ground ».

Joaquín recalls the last conversations he had with his father at the age of 19, in the last months before the legendary presenter passed away. “I was a pretty stupid little boy who had to grow up hard. We began to have these conversations between parents and their son, after adolescence, and I remember many times how he faced his day to day, “he reveals.

“Being one of the most popular guys in the country, I knew we weren’t the stars. He treated all his colleagues with the same respect and entered the studio greeting all the technicians. All those things my father taught me.


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