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As the Christmas season approaches, one of the most iconic and favorite films of the time comes to life and returns to entertain entire families in Christmas, we refer to ‘My poor angel‘(‘ Home Alone ‘1990), the film directed by Chris Columbus and starring Macaulay Culkin, accompanied by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. This year it was just 30 years since its premiere and the film is still a Christmas classic around the world.

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The comedy set around Christmas time, over the years became an essential part of this celebration and there is no year in which families get together to see the adventures of a little one Macaulay Culkin, the actor who played Kevin, its mischievous lead.

However, this year could be the last we have to see the Christmas classic on TV channels. Well, the television channel Fox reported that it will no longer broadcast ‘Mi Pobre Angelito’as well as it will not with its sequel. Why?

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‘My Poor Little Angel’: Why will it leave the TV screens?

When Disney I buy Fox and it became official in 2019, there were many changes in the companies, and this was deepened with the creation of the streaming service Disney+, which includes exclusive content.

The arrival of the platform in Latin America altered content intended for television, and that is why it will not be available on the cable channel, to join the exclusive content of Disney+.

The tape remains in the Fox app these days, but it will stop working at the end of December, as a result of the change that Fox channels will experience due to the aforementioned transfer to Disney. Since February signs like Fox Channel, Fox Life y Fox Premium will change their name to “Star” in Latin America.

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Where can you see ‘Mi Pobre Angelito’?

Currently the movies ‘My poor angel’ and ‘My Poor Little Angel 2: Lost in New York’ are available to watch on the streaming service Disney+. In that sense, if you want to enjoy this Christmas classic as many times as you want, You must use the Disney Plus platform, waiting for it to be resolved for him 2021.


A “sad” Christmas under heavy restrictions



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