Nadezhda Granovskaya from childhood was surrounded by male attention

The ex-soloist of “VIA Gra” speculated about how difficult it is for the owners of magnificent forms.

Nadezhda Granovskaya. Photo: Global Look Press

Singer Nadezhda Granovskaya said that with a large bust it is not easy for her. The celebrity shared her problem on her personal microblog.

Granovskaya noted that she was not offended by condemning views and conversations about the artist’s appearance. The owner of magnificent forms has long been accustomed to the attention of men and the envious screams of women. However, Nadezhda is sure that many are waiting for the assessment of their own body from others.

“Do we often think about how important someone else’s opinion, praise or condemnation is to us … I think often! Do we want others to like it ?! How ready are we to change, just to please those others whom we know or have never seen in our life? Where is this line? Although I am not moved by someone’s resentment towards the world … The life of a drowning person is his own business, ”Granovskaya reasoned.

Hope added that since childhood, grown-up men looked at her. The magnificent forms, according to Granovskaya, are a kind of her cross.

“When it is formed from childhood, this nuance is much easier to transfer. A habit is forming. In general, living with such a breast is not easy. From the age of 10, adult men showed active attention. So I have a serious immunity to them, “admitted performer.

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